Huge index's of electronic music available for Dj's and enthusiasts.

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ForstPark, Braacknell, Berkshire
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I just wanted to share a few links with other music enthusiasts and DJ's, there's huge index's of ecteronic music and full discography's going back many year's on the internet . The way i do it for example is very time there's a new psy ambient release on a music resource like psy reactor i check the record label on band camp and just keep a record of electronic music so i can buy it when I'm in the mood to work on my music collection and Dj ing. The cool thing about band camp is you can listen to the whole albulm start to finish a few times. There's huge index's of psy trance also going back 25 year's if your into these thing's like
'yellow sunshine explosion'. If you scroll down these pages you will note the hundreds of electronic music albums and ep's neatly in rows.