Huge Room in Tooting, SW London


Happy Mushroom
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London (Capetonian)
aloha everyone!

I have a really nice big size double room available, with one double bed, going for £620 a month including everything like bills, internet, cleaing shiaat.
Ideal for couples(married/non-married, haha!), and/or people who dont mind sharing one bed. But there's MORE THAN enough space for an additional single bed, which would have to supplied by you.
You'de be sharing with 2 young south african guys, and a kiwi dude.

Would be cool to have some adventurous psychedelic party go'ers in the house! Where the house could be a great hang out, gathering spot, and at the same time everyone can get their space when they like:Smile3:

Its such a great house, just needs some good vibes, good company stirred in! :P

If you interested in having a look, please feel free to contact me (Karl) on 07742941274, or drop me a line:ismile:

Please remember this offer is for 2 people, unless you willing to pay that amount one ways?

Good luck house hunting!

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