Humble hello!


Psychedelic Loving

Hello all! :Smile3: I'm new here so please go easy on me. :wacko: I hope I'll learn wisely from you all about Psy-trance and the like as I'm pretty new to that too.
Trippy love from Luke.
alright luke mate!

yep, you will learn alot from this crazy bunch....

i think i may have!

enjoy yourself... once you start posting you may find yourself hooked....

i accept no responsibility for this...
:welcome: dude! Everyones very friendly here so im sure u'll get along fine! Im sure u'll find all u want to know about psy trance here aswell! :hehe:
:welcome: Greetings!! and Hello!! I'm new here aswell.. :hehe:
Enjoy your time here! lots to discover...
:Wink3: easy now.... :juggle: .....welcome!!
Enjoy the forum. Someone will take you under their wing I'm sure