Hydro Generator – Lucid Dream (ELF Music 2005) CD


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Aalborg, Denmark
Hydro Generator – Lucid Dream


Artist: Hydro Generator (Japan)
Title: Lucid Dream
Format: CD (jewel case)
Label: ELF Music (Japan)
Cat. #: ELFCD 008
Distribution: QQS/Wirikuta
Date: 20 April 2005

Track listing:

01. 05’54†Psychological Depiction
02. 08’00†Philosophy
03. 07’38†Evolution
04. 07’24†Future Scape
05. 08’34†Lucid Dream
06. 08’33†Dream Provider
07. 08’01†Karma (Circulation of the Orbit)
08. 08’11†Dawn 2005
09. 08’16†Cosmo (New Edit Rmx)


When a dreamer becomes aware, or wakes up inside a dream, they are said to be 'lucid dreaming'…

Hydro Generator is DJ Toru (Toru Furuyama) from Nagoya, Japan… He’s been a DJ for seven years and has been a producer for three years and has gained quite a rep on the Japanese scene… He has released tracks on USTA, Alkaloid and had a track on the brilliant ELF Music compilation After Ten Years Of Japanese Trance released in 2004… I really liked that track and generally I’ve been impressed with what ELF has released – so my hopes for this, Toru’s debut album, are high…

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: Psychological Depiction [100-120 BPM]
The intro-track is kinda weird… It starts out as shamanistic downbeat but soon evolves into more experimental, dubby territory... Later on it’s electro-chill, breakz and even some deranged noise-arrangement and shpongle beat-box… To be honest, I don’t really understand this track and tend to skip it…

#02: Philosophy [142 BPM]
“Then was it really worth it? Was what worth it? Was massacring all those people worth being separated from your love for the rest of your life? You mean, was an instant of purity worth a lifetime lie? Please explain to me, where's the "purity" that you couldn't live without in 52 people who are no longer on this planet because they met you and Mallory? What's so fucking pure about that? How do you do it?†First the intro will trick you, thinking it’s another weird experimental tune… But only after a couple of seconds, the much anticipated bassline is revealed… Toru then starts adding stuff into the psy-pot… First a subtle melody, then another one – and soon the track is in full effect… Flaring, catchy synth melodies and spacy FX… Dark pounding night-trance – with uplifting morning element too… The Natural Born Killers quote is well-fitting and the build-up/climax part is fucking awesome… Sweet track!

#03: Evolution [145 BPM]
“Evolution. It has enabled us to evolve from a single-celled organism into the dominant species on the planet. This process is slow…†Ultra-sharp R2D2esque robotic noises try to shred your ear-drums in the intro to this track… And if they don’t succeed the bassline that is introduced straight after takes a stab at it too… This is more fast-moving, deeply psychedelic, highly melodic psytrance… Again we’re treated to rapid changed in pace – constant evolution (ahem!)… The X-Men 2 sample is kinda overused, but besides from that this track is brilliant…

#04: Future Scape [145 BPM]
Future Scape – where melodies rule! Pounding bassline, percussion with breakz and synth galore… Again a sweet take-off, though it would have prolonged my pleasure if it was even longer… But screw it, there are so many of them here you’ll never run out… Sweet little twirling synth-lines jump around playfully whilst Toru keeps applying filters… Oh man, the last couple of minutes are pure old-school goa bliss… Genki-tastic!

#05: Lucid Dream [147 BPM]
The title track starts off brutally… A very noisy guitar and gritty industrial FX… Yikes! I’m not a lucid dreamer, but if it’s anything like this – I want in! This is hectic, multilayered, deeply psychedelic, darkish psy-trance… It reminds me a lot of the Rinkadink style – and I fucking love Rinkadink! This is nothing short of excellent!

#06: Dream Provider [145 BPM]
“Never again wake up!†More dreaming here… We’re still in the faster end of the BPM-scale and its still very much night… The bassline is harder than ever and Toru pulls out a bunch of J.M.Jarre-like melodies and chanting monks to kick the track in the right direction… I’m not sure it works completely for the first half of the track though… I like the three previous tracks better – this is still good, but it’s not until the last couple of minutes that all hell brakes loose and the melodies run free… When they do it sounds awesome, but it took too damn long to get there… Ok track!

#07: Karma (Circulation of the Orbit) [147 BPM]
Beautiful orchestral intro with something that sounds like pan-pipes – and before you know it the track is in full throttle full-on country… This is more on the morning side of things – very fast, and very melodic… For a while it’s a pretty generic track - and that’s a shame really… Well, it’s very uplifting and for what it’s worth it’s… Well, full-on! It’s good, but not wasabi-good… Ok track!

#08: Dawn 2005 [143 BPM]
And now it’s dawn time… Time to pay homage to the rising sun… And what better way to do that, than with a nice uplifting morning tune… The base of the track is made up by tribal percussion, floating melodic pads and a subtle bassline… The bass disappears for a while, but once it’s back it has regained strength and sounds pretty damn good blasting away alongside the tribal drums… This sounds like an old-school ethno-ambient track – only with bass and drums… And that’s pretty cool! Tasty!

#09: Cosmo (New Edit Rmx) [145 BPM]
And we remain in morning territory for the last track, though this has a more pounding nature… Long floating organic pads – with joyous melodies… Come to think of it, this is pretty cheesy – but it’s morning what can you do?

As you can tell, I enjoyed the first part of this album the most… The rest isn’t bad; it’s just not as good as the first part – IMO… It’s all about taste, and I’m sure fans of melodic morning-trance will appreciate the second half of the album immensely… It’s a journey really – going from darker night-trance to lighter, more uplifting morning trance… In general this album is packed to the rim with build-ups/breaks and climaxes are everywhere… I’ve kinda missed that in modern psy-trance, and not since the Filteria album Sky Input have I enjoyed so many climaxes… So hats off to DJ Toru for bringing that back into the scene – great production indeed!

This is my third ELF Music release and they’ve all been above average standard – pretty good statistics! To conclude, this album is good – and I especially like the first half which more than justifies a purchase… Fans of high-quality Japanese psytrance will definitely like this album… I did! Enjoy!

Favourites: 2, 3(!), 4(!), 5(!), 8


External links:
Hydro Generator: http://www.hydrogenerator.net/
ELF Music: http://www.elf-music.net
Wirikuta: http://tinyurl.com/5r4rw

And more online shops soon…

Jon Kenobi

So uncivilised
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I like the sound of this CD, shame the elf website only had a few samples but it all sounds quite promising....after last years Phi album and some tasty tracks appearing from Drap Drop I'll be keeping a close eye on the Japanese take on the psytrance sound.

Is there a release date on this?


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Aalborg, Denmark
Geoff => Thx amigo... You guys always raise my self-esteem... Much obliged! ;o)

Jon => Oh yes, ELF Music has yet to let me down... Release date is 20 April!