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This is a real gem ... following the successful impact Nano made with Protoculture last year, this new artist album offers yet another first class treat of what south africa artists can really do..
Through out the album the production is amazing, every tune sharp ponding, deep depths of psychedelic sounds, percussion and swirls and whrils ...
the opening track 1 Bumping Sky is a great intro/build into the album with lovely skwelches and percusssion ... track 2 - so far my personal favorite great breakdown and time slip and sliding all over the place...
Track 4 is a remix of Pulling String, that featured on the last compilation Origin, a great sinister dynamic upgrade...
Track 5 sits well as a centre piece for the album, hard and calm all at the same time and samples suggesting that 'your life makes a difference...'
Track 6 is the beginning of the rest of the album, a little more experimental with the break and beats ...
Track 8 brings in the full intelligent breaks, still about 140bpm with great deep psychedelic sounds and swirls - there sure needs to be more tnes like this one ...
Track 9 Electro Terrestrial .. a nice end and downbeat track, intense sounds nicely balance with a 100bpm groove that im sure will be a common place in chillout sets this summer ...

Overall this is one of the better artist albums ive heard in a while ... floorless and floorfillers (!!) great stuff

Think this is out next Monday, but in the meantime Hydrophonic will be rocking down in Brighton this Thursday and then joining the Sunday Psychedelics at the Glade, Glastonbury ...


Looking forward to checking this one out soon! :Smile3: Been impressed with there tracks so far. fimgers crossed for some more sublime south african psy... Need some sound samples... off to have a look :ph34r:
geoffwiffen said:
Need some sound samples... off to have a look :ph34r:
Haha, just did the same thing, but alas, none could be found :Sad:
This should be phat! :punk:
Still remember Rex performance last year! :sun:
cool...glad you guys are talking...thanks for the kind words Ross!

"Aquabatics" will be out within the next 1o days!!! cant wait to see the overall response.
so far it's been wicked. (glastonbury went mental for our live!!! as did enzyme in brighton!)

we worked like mofo's on it. very happy with how it came out.
tried to do something different for each track (don't ya hate artist albums that sound the same all the way thru ??)

also check out "Wind Up" compiled by DJ Ans (the electric ant)...killa comp!!! we are really excited about it too. we released it on monday.
Protoculture, Shift, Dick Trevor vs Aphid Moon, Talamasca, Joti Sidhu, Tristan, Man Made Man, Tikal, Alternate Vision...it's our most international comp so far..and it's packed with dancefloor monsters..Ans did a great job...i've been blasting all the tracks..love it.

all the best

(1/3 nano rec, 1/2 hydrophonic)

track 6 ... think this is the One !! .. i think (!?) or is it track 2 (??)
track 2 definitelly works well in wind and rain (see sunday at glastonbury .. wooo!!)


What a cracking album. My faves are 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8.

Quite breakbeaty in places but very psychedelic throughout. Nice basslines and tight tweaky tunage, a thoroughly recomended album for the summer. Can't wait to catch them live :sun: :sun: :sun: :sun:

This is seriously one of the best releases all year! VERY IMPRESSED!!!! Every track has character, and true - doesn't sound the same all the way through!

Love it guys, well done! :!: :!: :!:
obligatory psyreviews nonsense thusly:

Nano (UK)

This blows me away, make no mistake. Regan and Chesh from Cape Town, SA have produced an utter belter, that takes everything and fuses it into a fresh and distinctive sound, and it’s f*ing excellent. Bumping Sky kicks off with an easy groove, with loads of melodies and antimelodies before it explodes into a wonderful run at around the five minute mark. I dare you not to dance to it! A Place Like This has a wonderful intro, breaking into a nice, spacious run. Their phrasing is first-class on this, the sounds are varied and clean, and it’s literally made for that kinda beer-in-hand slomo easy-dancing that I find I keep slipping into (probably from learning to dance to the Happy Mondays and The Fall, but that’s another story. And a f*ing boring one at that.) Pull The String stands out with its sheer number of sounds all melded together to hang in perfectly, Creating Life works like progressive trance (spacious and dreamy) but with the energy of fullon (dance, ya fuckers!) Do You Believe’s midrange really does bring it to life, and it escalates and explodes but without every going to far over the top. Electric Lady is harder-edged, and the bmp’s are upped, but it still maintains one helluva wonderful groove. It’s huge and just gets bigger and bigger (as the actress said to the bishop) and quite possibly one of the finest tunes of the year (though it ends too soon… I could do with at least another couple of minutes of that.) Intriguingly-named Creep Cheeky Naughty Naughty is a wonderful electro/breaks number, I know bugger all about this style of music but this certainly works, as does Electro Terrestrial, a nice sapphirey piece of dub for the end, with a big fat synth line coming out and tickling yer very tenderest bits. After which, you want to listen to it again -- and then again. It takes a while to sink in, but these guys may just have committed to record a new style. There’s no cliches, no trancestandards; it’s the most natural direction for progressive trance to have taken, it’s just a wonder it took us this long to get here. The ideas, the freshness, the musicianship and the utter, utter danceability of this means it has to get full marks. Ladies and gentlemen, the bar has just been raised.

five glasses of soy milk

wooooow gonna buy this, samples on chaos sounding tasty,

they're live @ boom too :speaker:
Come on Postie hurry up... should get this today... a nice reminder of origin stage! (drifts off into glade based dream accompanied by hydrophonics tunes)
is it me or do Nano just keep getting better. I haven't missed a release from them yet, and am currently in the process of downloading the bonus track.

Hydrophonic were first rate live at the glade, one of the first acts I erm..."prepared" myself for upon arrival at Glade, and then I went and bought the CD as soon as the were finished playing.

first rate stuff! :wub:
They didnt blow me away as much as I'd expected em to, but it was all pleasent enough to convince me to buy the album...which will happen...when I've got some money :Sad:
Damnit, just bough a mate a copy for his birthday. He put it on the stereo and I realized instantly I should have picked up 2 copies! :o

Gonna have to get another copy. Particularly impressed with the 'New Style' feel the latter part of the album had. Excellent stuff!
I'm sure I should really keep my mouth shut here...


Sounds like protoculture to me. But not as refined or melodic.. It does have a style of it's own but...

Can you think of no other bass-lines?? Aaaaaaaaaargh. :crazy:


It's good though...



You know I love you guys.. Only I feel a calling to express my vagrant, inimitable opinions throughout the proceedings...

Quite beautifully crafted though. Good work for sure. :drinking:


Another strong release from a TOP label hive..