Hysteria - Dragon Pink


not allowed 2b programmed

structure sound really nice, but the sound quality leaves out all the space (if there is any) which makes it hard to really give an opinion.



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This is hard stuff. Not my taste but I think if you like this kind of music it will rock.

I would hold the tiny melody in the middle of the track a few bars longer. Maybe that pushes a bit.
But it kicks ass even without my suggestion.
Good job as far as I can hear.

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yeah guys nice trak interesting style. mix sounds good nice arragnment good editing,,,what gear u using then? cool =)richy


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As i already sad (you know where=) - It's a powerfull thing. But there's not much i can say and it's because of a quite low sounding. Anyways, i really like it, keep it up! :tongue1:


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thnx to all... :Wink3:
Thanks that have understood a track even in such bad quality! :Wink3: (realy big up!)

We listen further :P