I am here by force!!


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Have never used one of these forum things before but my mate- Orchidelic has made me join to make it look like she has loads of friends. Not really- she thinks I'll become a chat room junkie once I've tried it and will enjoy watching me become a recluse as my addiction takes over my life!!!! :bananada:
Hehe you will you will...

:welcome: to the forum.

Just one more post... then I swear I'm going to work... JUST... ONE... MORE...

xxx Jon.

Hiya Hun, that mean's you're also one of my recruits (by proxy) cos I got Julia hooked :P

Big :welcome: to our mad forum, everyone contributes and makes it what it is.

You WILL meet loads of groovy ppl here if you go to parties... Julia doesn't but we're gonna use forum peer pressure very soon cos lots of ppl keep saying they want to meet her...

It is an addiction, but it's worth making room for it :Smile3:


Hi Titania & :welcome: to the forum - you have impecable taste in friends :Smile3:

Hey Hay
I'm not convinced that my quest to get you into this forum will work,......in fact, you'll probably only check your replies here when i text you telling you to check it. Anyhow, noone can complain that i didn't try.
And Ratty......i WILL come to a party, just can't if it means the whole weekend and monday is ruined, until i am on top of the work i have to do. But REALLY want to!!!
And Rezn8, thanks.
Titania, just keep at it.....i know you'll love this forum....it's fun!! :Grin: :Grin: :Grin:
woof..... :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :welcome:
Cheers for the replies, thought I'd better check them or Orkadelic will kill me! And yes magic mushroom man you can call me what you like. You must really be a fun-guy to have thought up that hilarious abreviation :no: NOT!!!
:welcome: :welcome: :welcome: :welcome: :welcome:
just my 2p
By the way my name is orchidelic, not orkadelic. You should know this. Yes that mushroom :shrooms: fella is a real hoot with his abbreviated name eh. :Grin:
Did you check out your new zealand post replies, someone who is in new zealand has replied.