I am looking for a room in a nice house with nice people


tranquila querida
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Wahey - i am moving again.... :Wink3: (edited January 11th)

My current flat in Camden has turned out to be too expensive for me, and i need to find a cheaper place, preferably in the same area, but i am willing to move somewhere entirely different if the house and the people are right for me.

I work, I am quite chilled, like to go out at the weekends, but also like quiet time during the week. I have lived in shared houses now for 9 years, got a bit of experience in the house sharing business :Wink3:

Current interests: psytrance :cool: , teaching, travelling, languages.

Im lovely, jubbly, groovy and nice :bananada: :lol: :wub: :tongue1:

I can move anytime from March 1st onwards...

:Smile3: Hope to hear from some of you!
Agent Smith said:
Hey Lara, PM me about a sound CHEAP flat in Faringdon!!

March 1st now - after teh first person moving into my room said no... but we have found someone else - so march 1st onwards... :Smile3: is your room still free then?