I am the bear. the bear says hi.

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yo, im the bear (real name matt) i choose this name because i saw a multicoloured bear while on my first major shroom trip. my friends have never let me live it down since and the name stuck. im new to psy-trancy music and all that. did i was at glade 2005 which was my first proppa fest. i live in rochester in kent which is near maidstone. :ibiggrin: the last party i went to was viva la weavers first bd party which was cool. didn't see a bear though which kinda sucked. so this is a big hi to all you trance bunnies out there.


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Hi there Bear!

Welcome, pull up a chair, pour a cuppa and get some biccies out. :Grin:

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hey there bear.........enjoy ya stay on the forum :Smile3:
Hey when you see the bear tell him to come home! I havnt seen him for weeks im worried sick!

Welcome dooode!


tranquila querida
hello trance bear! :Smile3: cute name! :Smile3:

i went to Glade, so did a lot of us. It was absolutely amazing!!!


Trance Bear

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did anyone actually notice those two random coppers walking round everyday by golden syrup.

bit to scared to go deep enough to the main stage i think. pussy's


Trance Bear said:
yo, im the bear (real name matt) i choose this name because i saw a multicoloured bear while on my first major shroom trip.



Welcome Buddy Bear!!!


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welcome to the forum bear!!!
trance bear even....

i went to glade, so did most of us infact

anyway, take care trance bear :P


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Hi dude! I went to the Viva la Weaver party too! I was the one dressed like this: http://www.psypix.net/pix/displayimage.php?album=topn&cat=10148&pos=10

As for the Glade, the whole festival was a fantastic musical journey full of beautiful people and music as well as hilarity and silliness! One of my high points of the festival was Sunday night. Was anyone there for the 'Mad Hatters' Tea Party' at the ID Spiral? I have to admit, I thought it was going to be quite dull as there were no sound systems. How wrong I was. Me and 'Aphasia' decided to take it in turns to perform on the flute I brought with me and began to play random solo tunes, accompanying each other with impromptu dance before we met other musicians, including a mad guitarist dressed as a cow, a clarinetist and a keyboard player, who we performed with on stage in the dome. We then formed various musical soirees with another clarinetist and other people who joined in making silly noises and helped us create complete musical nonsense. What a fine and surreal evening this turned out to be with the help of the free mushroom chai provided! Other than that, generally had loads of fun bouncing and twirling around at the Liquid Connective stage :dancey: Tried to start a conga in the Pussy Parlore whilst on shrooms too which was quite amusing! Also performed on my flute with a guitarist to form backing to a speech on global issues in the Golden Syrup stage! Anyway, hope to see you at a party soon!