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The power of our beliefs is without limits. If we wake in the morning believing that the day will bring misfortune and hardship, it most surely will. If we believe that the day is full of infinite possibilities, that each day is a gift not to be wasted, that every day of life can be full of miracles, love, hope, and laughter; we open ourselves up to a whole new world. A world created by our very own beliefs. If we can believe it, we can make it so.

You may be thinking that this sounds like a bunch of new age, head in the clouds, mumbo jumbo. Before you dismiss the power of beliefs, consider the fact that scientists have been trying to devise ways to account for the effects of beliefs for years, every time an experiment involving humans is conducted, or each time a new drug is tested, the beliefs of the experimenters must be considered.

The beliefs of researchers or rather the affect of their beliefs to alter the results of scientific research is a well known and documented phenomenon. Scientific experiments involving human subjects must be designed to take the beliefs of the researchers into consideration. This is important because the beliefs of the researchers and the beliefs of the subjects being studied can have an affect on the accuracy of the results and research.

For example, take an experiment designed to gauge the effectiveness of a new migraine medicine. In a typical scenario, a control group is used; one group receives the experimental drug; another group receives a placebo or sugar pill. Neither the subjects receiving the drugs nor the researchers conducting the experiment know which group is receiving the real drug and which group receives the placebo.

This is known as a double blind study. Researchers have known for years that their own beliefs and expectations can contaminate research being conducted. If the researchers believe that the experimental migraine drug will be effective; their beliefs can affect the results. In order to counter this phenomenon, the researchers must not know beforehand which of the groups is receiving the actual drug.

The power of belief has been scientifically proven, there is no doubt that belief is often stronger than any drug or technology available in regards to changes in the human body.

What does the scientific evidence of the power of belief tell us about our thoughts? It gives us concrete proof that our beliefs have an impact in shaping our realities. It shows us that our thoughts create a type of energy that it is not understood by present day science. An energy which is created by thought; transcends the physical body and interacts in subtle yet definitive ways with the universe to manifest an outcome. Put simply, we make things happen by believing in them. Our beliefs transform ideas into realities.

We can cultivate a mind-set which takes advantage of the power of our beliefs. And we can make a conscious decision to determine which our beliefs will have the most positive impact on our lives. A good long look at our current beliefs can provide some insight into how our thoughts are manifesting negative or positive results.

Believe that you have the power to change the world. Believe that there are no obstacles that cannot be overcome. Believe that the energy of your thoughts is directly connected to the energy of all things. Believe that not a single second of any day should be wasted on pettiness or jealousy or hostility of any kind. Believe that you deserve all of the happiness, prosperity, love and abundance that the universe has to offer. Believe it without hesitation or doubt and it will be so. Believe in the power of you.

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Author, Syndicated Columnist and Thought Energy Consultant Jeffry R. Palmer Ph.D. is the author of "The 7 Day Psychic Development Courseâ€. An exciting, fun and highly effective method of increasing intuitive and psychic abilities.

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Living in a shed in Broadstairs
Quick tip Zini. Start by taking off from the ground... leave jumping off buildings until you're sure it works...


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don't do anything crazy zini, that might harm yourself...

one step at a time...

your get there...

i believe in you... :Smile3:


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But haven't you ever got up in the morning feeling really positive, and everything has still gone shit?

I certainly have, like this morning for example. Felt really good, got into work, shit hits fan, people act like arseholes, I end up in a state just before a job interview.

And I did feel really strong and positive this morning.


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China... innit?
greatempty said:
The power of our beliefs is without limits.

Beliefs are the main reason for wars........ do you think we could all drop our beliefs and just accept everything for what it is?


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Dubh Linn
Thanks for the advice guys but plans have already been made for the first filght...


dave arc-i

ZINI said:
I believe I can fly……
although I’ve yet to prove it.

the secret to succesful flying is avoiding hitting the ground on the way down....... so so simple