I have arrived. ;)


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After much recomendation from friends using this forum, I have decided to join the party. I'm certain that I know a fair few of you as I've been on the london circuit since late '98.
I dont go to the parties as much any more (Maybe once a month), not because my tastes in music, culture and movement, jumping up and down for 8 hours straight then doing it again the following night, have changed, those are in fact stronger by the day(!), but the wind and the world take you many places if you want to go there enough. I also put on a stone. Fantastic.



Ave it !!!!!!
Quilan said:
I also put on a stone. Fantastic.
...Then there's more of you to love...

(that's what I use & feel free to borrow it :Wink3: )

:welcome: :welcome: :welcome:


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One of the finest

:welcome: Hello you Psychedelic relic (ha ha I can talk) If thats the Quilan I know and I know it is then greetings in psyberspace its good to see you here.
If theres any of you that havent met him then you gotta know this geezer knows how to party it was his tales of Samathraki and inside inspiration that helped bring me back from a slumber into what we now know as the Psytrance experience, if he's had anything to do with creating the environment that your stompin in then your senses will be reawakened and if he's stompin anywere near you then give him the space to evoke fire with a dance.
Peace bro. your on the list.