i heard something on tv


happy juice
i saw a documentary on tv a while back about sci fi films and some guy with a really cool english scientist type voice who was talking about why books are better than films said, in a really matter-of-fact way, "the best special effects are the ones in your head". i wanna use it in a tune but i dont know if its possible to look up an old program and get hold of it. ive got the details somewhere of what channel it was on and what date etc but does anyone know how/where to look it up?


Throb Farmer
I know a canadian voice-over bloke who's really really gravelly :Smile3:


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have a search on uknova (bittorrent site) as they have links for documentaries, series, etc off the telly. You'll need to remember the name though


happy juice
hmmm uknova is closed apparently, and i cant afford a canadian voiceover guy, think ill ask my tutor if i can record him saying it hehe :Grin:


whirling mathematician
hmm i'm sure i heard that too.

what exactly was it from again? i might even have video'd it. i got two vids called "sample fodder" i just press record whenever scientists with cool voices start talking


happy juice
i cant find the details now but it was called the top 10 greatest scifi moments or something. im pretty sure it was on sky 1 about 2 months ago. they were talking about the bullet dodging scene in the matrix when this quote came up


Pie Fly
Any prog with top greatest in the title get shown again and again...and again.
So chances are you will catch it again.
Also your vioce may not cut it only in your own head. We all hate the sound off our own reacorded vioce. Well most of us.


Record your own voice and then slow it down at least a couple of tones or more, this'll stop your own voice sounding weird.


Ok - everyone record yourself saying "the best special effects are the ones in your head" and send it to Double Helix.

One of them is bound to be right.


locus solus
i could rap it in my strongest welsh accent GLC style. you fuckin' knows it clarts.


locus solus
Ott^ said:
opia said:
i could rap it in my strongest welsh accent GLC style. you fuckin' knows it clarts.

"Isn't it... "


*ahem* 'the best special effects, right, are the ones in your head isn't it. tidy. they're my faaavourite... clarts.'