I like Tom Hanks


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Horsham, West Sussex

I was introduced to this site by a friend of a friend.
I haven't really browsed much of the site yet, and am not sure if it's really my thing, but the friend of the friend is an interesting person as is the friend of mine who she, and obviously i, am a friend of.

I wanna change my nic, cos it's pretty boring, but am not sure how to do this, i've been to the profile/user link, but it won't allow me to change it.

So anyway....


Cons:Unreliable,Shy,Indecisive,Finacially in(un?)solvent

I know another member here, not that well....we met in Brighton in a pub with my friend(the one who introduced me to his friend who introduced me to here)and they were just off to a festival in the west country i think.

Anyhow, umm, hello
Have just seen Si but he hasn't done an intro yet. Showed him 'breakdown or... 'post and he said was good, and read threads.

Tom Hanks isn't that bad... haven't you seen 'splash' :P
I'm a mermaid, well, alright, an Ozmaid.

Greetings and welcome. come to Synergy tomorrow and see the mermaids dancing in the Project Ozma room.

hugs, Tortoise

hi ozmaid:Grin:

saw the flyer 4 synergy, looks well good. At a friends in essex atm, but may text el monk boy 2 c if he's going, and if i can find somewhere 2 stay in Lond. may pop along and come see the mermaids et al.

was talking to monk other night and was wondering where the word synergy comes from. i remember going to some 'shamen' gigs 10-12 years back and think that was 1st time i heard the word, then l'oreal may have used it lol....think it comes from b4 both them tho.