i need a little help


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rite basically ive listened to a lot of psy today and was wondering how i can get my hi hats to get a proper triplt timing and for them to be pronounced properly i use ers drums 4 my kicks and snares and eq them the best i can and use the lm7 4 my cymbles yes i know the lm7 is quite laim but thats all ive got ne1 have ne suggestions cheers also ne1 listened to the scorb album ne1 know how i can get that phat sound effect thats on track 5 its at the beggining if u listen to the track u will know which one im goin on about cheers


dipthong mong
people always suggest a touch of distortion on hi-hats to get them nice and crunchy.

i like to cut a whole lot of low frequencies out of my hats so that they're like a thin layer of cling-film stretching over the top of the track :Wink3: a tiny bit of reverb is good too sometimes.

one thing that really helps when getting groove into hihats is to think about pitch & velocity. if you're going to have 16th hi-hats 'ticking' along the top of the track to give it energy, just subtly tweaking the pitch and level can make all the difference.

i don't know what LM7 is i'm afraid but there are lots of good hat samples out there if you want? i tend to look for natural kits recorded by drummers.