i need help


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hey peeps
this might be a stupid question or u might not be able to explain it but can ne1 tell me how psy-trance is layed out or how to get things soundin really well sequenced if u could write bak wiv some answers ill be most happy cheers


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Like a chef, you must add sonic ingredients...
The two ingredients you must pluck at their freshest for maximum sequencing ability are:

Your brain and your imagination...

What do you mean by "layered out"... or "well sequenced" anyway?
If you're talking about the actual whole act of writing and producing a song... then i think no single post will ever be able to answer...

How about having a search using the search facitility :Smile3:...


Well,like all other music production it comes down to ideas.
But also skilled enginering.
Are u just starting up or have u some musical experience?


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well ive been makin music on cubase 4 about 7 or 8 months and i have been playin guitar 4 about 4 years and im pretty good at that but u got to admit that makin psytrance aint easy and i listen to a lot of phat psy trance and when i listen to my music its just no where near as good and tight and i just wanna know how to get things spot on but i suppose its just about practice and havein phat equipment


Well,good hardware is not to despice.
But if u take 4 example ocelot,it comes down to skills.He uses Orion pro as platform wich is fairly cheaper than cubase.

U should also maximise your tracks ,my favourite the sonic maximiser.
what kind of equipment do u have?
If u want some studio lessons i could probably get u in touch with a friend in London who is very good(he charges about 75 pr day,but he has been in the scene since the beginning)


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do you work in midi only or do you bounce stuff down to audio much?
if you dont bounce alot of your parts down, you wont be able to get your tunes sounding that tight.
the reason for this is that you can cut out decisive chunks of sound rather than taking out whole midi notes (where you might want the end of the sound but cant because youve chopped out the beginning) if that makes sense?


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yer cheers mate that was much help cheers i do bounce my stuff down to audio but i find it hard to finish tunes can u help me there


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ravefeind said:
...practice and havein phat equipment

Yes, and emphatically no. Cosma did his first album on a Soundblaster Live, and we all know my feelings about that particular piece of hardware! :Wink3:

Have a look at the threads listed in the FAQ at the top of this section, you'll probably find a lot of what you're looking for there.

Will post more later...



Soundblaster live:Sad::Sad::Sad:.I hear u there.
U want to finish your tracks on your own,beeing proud of a product u did entirely on your own is much better than letting someone else do it 4 u.
I have a partner in crime and if i get stuck or vice versa we always hear the other one's opinion,but 4 this to work u need to both know what sound u are looking 4.
Ending's are hard to do indeed.
But if u desperately need help,get in touch and we can see what we can do about it.

never give up mate