i need to buy a huge thick bit of foam for

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for my bed for parties!! does anyone know of any foam companies that do off cuts?

it woud be to fill the back of my peugot when i've folded the seats down, ideally many inches thick

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i've slept on layers of duvets before, but his year i'm want to push the boundaries of comfort

...and eventually one day buy a van!!!

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dunno about places that have offcuts but theres normally a fabric warehouse, or a man on the market nearby (look for the kind of men that sell beans to go in bean bags :P )......... they'll do big thick sheets of it in lots of different thicknesses......... its ace stuff, i built my own sofabed at uni, and this stuff was a dream!!!

OK this topic may be a little old now, but if you're ever in Edinburgh visit 'The Foam Shop' on Causwayside. 'Any size or shape of foam cut while you wait' is their slogan. No bullshit.

My flatmates and I in the first year spent many a red-eyed night discussing what interesting and funny foam objects we could have them make. We settled on a six foot diameter ball of foam painted like granite as being the most amusing option, Edinburgh being so hilly.

Good luck in your quest!