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Haven't fully thought through the possibilites of this yet, *but* if anyone can think of a need for super-fast (albeit not non-volatile for *very*long) 4GB virtual hard disk (via SATA), this *could* be quite interesting:


I'm thinking perhaps - temporary location for samples and multi-tracked audio. You'd probably have to back it up, but still - if anyone needs the speed it could be quite useful.

Although, I think the larger FLASH devices are a more interesting prospect.

One manufacturer is shortly releasing a 16GB flash.

Imagine - you put your OS on there and have a SATA HD for your audio work. I'd be more interested in that. Writes to FLASH are relatively slow, but read accesses can be *fast*.

Some manufacturers are already building hybrid hard disks with a FLASH partition on-board.

Food for thought anyhow.