I wanna rool da world



So, you want to control the world? How do you set about it?

Start at primary schools. Ensure that at least 10% of pupils are bullied, undermined on a constant basis so that by the time they get into 'the adult world', they have mile high chips on their shoulders craving for power. And because they were bullied, they haven't got high academic achievements. Some will escape the process and probably become your most outspoken opponents, but can be dealt with on the way.

Next is immigration. Let people in that really don't have legal reasons to be here, but make them aware that they are yours forever. You know 'expel you if you are a political agitator, comply with government directions, that sorta crap')

Enlist these people into your armies, police and law enforcement agencies. Make sure they believe in some form of God.

Put over 200 laws a year in place so that your population and those MPs with a concscience (both of them) are so bewildered that they have little idea that a teeny one of those laws took 95% of joe puclic's rights away (in 'extenuating circumstances').

Give it a few years with the teeny law in place, unused.

Find a pathetic 'extenuating circumstance' for the use the teeny law. In the meantime, a few other equally dictatorial teeny laws have been passed (these pass disproportionate individual powers to the mob you bred at school - in 'extenuating circumstances'), so if there is a physical public dissent, your breeds can deal with it.

The latest signs of this reality were seen in London during the anti fox hunt protests.

Stuff n more stuff, against a background of increasingly complex individual lives. Most important, that. Keep joes so busy they ain't got time to think. Oh yeah, create a work-around for them Brussels boys attempts to redress the work-play balance, otherwise joe might just be able to work out what's going on, and worse still, commincate that fact to fellow workers and friends and then go and start a civil protest before you have all your breeds and technology in place to deal with them.

And those joes that do twig what's going on, ensure you got something on them - with the wonderful technology available, you can make it up as you go along. The odd death here and there won't seem out of place as most of them can be labelled with a 'care in the community' mental illness which is always a good lead into 'mystery suicides'. That will go a long way to shutting down some of them too - fear of death. DNA database manipulation will be well handy here as belief in it is virtually unchallenged.

You need to try out your system. So, set up a relatively minor seizure of global independence - say some pix you just don't like. Don't even have to be about your country thanks to MLATs.

Ensure that there's an elaborate global legal audit trail that ends up with the responsibility being kicked around like a football. Yeah, there'll be protest noises, but again, it'll all be at local level, and with nobody holding the baby, eventually fizzle out.

Ensure right wing is in power everywhere. Fact is, there are just too many people on the planet against a backdrop of dwindling resources. Simple. War. Not a small one, but lots of them.

Now this is where ya breeds come in. There will be an interface between what you want and what joes think is acceptable. Have none of it. Use your breeds to kill in war zones, fight protesting joes in the high street. No matter how many of them there are. You got the psychos on your side. Once you have your new world order, dispense with many of them cos you got so much technology now, you just don't need that many now that the joes n foes are crushed.

And so, you rule the world. Lot less people and a few places you can't have holidays in for 500 years, but then hey - nothing's perfect! At least there's no protesters, so you can do just what you want, everywhere!