I want one and I'm gonna have one


God mintsmak
Hope the handlebars aren't as wide as the ones on those bloody Schwinn pieces of tat. They're so wide that when a friend bought one he found that it was impossible for him to park it in our hallway or any belonging to his other mates and have anybody be able to squeeze past it, end result = it barely gets ridden really as he can't bring it inside at most places.

Hope you don't end up with the same problem. :Grin:


Yes, as Roger McGough says: "getting older is like adding an extra bicycle to the hallway every year making it increasingly harder to get past..."

but I just saw it in the cycle sheds and it is stunning - its my size too and the handlebars AREN'T too wide at all (my armspan isn't much wider than an Aye-Aye's), and a rack, and the best new Shimano brakes, and its just lovely (I'm on the floor now)

but I should do something about the 3 bikes in the living room...including the one I found in the street a month or two back