IDF to treat shell shock with cannabis


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The IDF will soon begin using cannabis to treat soldiers suffering from combat stress, the military said Wednesday.

An army statement said the military medical corps and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem would begin treating victims of post-traumatic stress - commonly known as shell shock - with THC, the active ingredient in the cannabis plant. It said the treatment would begin on an experimental basis.

"The use of THC as part of the treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder was approved by military and civilian committees relevant to the subject," the statement said.

An IDF spokesman said treatment would be given to both conscript soldiers and reservists.

Since September 2000, the Israeli military has been conducting day to day operations against the Palestinian terror infrastructure in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

During that time many soldiers have been treated for combat stress following service at military checkpoints and in military operations.

The IDF continues to ban the use of all drugs on a leisure basis, including cannabis derivatives marijuana and hashish.


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..somewhere on the time coast...

...reminds me of the first episode of StartTrek The Next Generation, where Q has Picard on trial for the crimes of the human race. Q appears dressed in ultra-modern combat gear, takes a big snort from a tube built-in to his body armour, and talks about the boodshed of the early twenty-first century, "when you learned to control your military with drugs..."