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Coming soon on Deja Vu Records:

VA - I'm a Program

1. Parasense - Speech Work (Azax Syndrom Remix)
2. Seroxat - Hitch to Hell
3. Suria - MetaMorpho DNA
4. Samadhi - Morning Waves
5. Freaking - Dinotopia
6. Terminator - Aeropressing
7. CPC Project - Mama
8. Energy Loop feat. Morpho voice - I'm a Program
9. Big Noise - Turbozapekanka
10.Analog Experience - Fucking Chorus
11.OSOM - Ride on Fire

Ocean's 11 on the 4rh upcoming comp. from deja vu.....unfortunately no samples yet to have a small taste ,,but getting ready coz
this will a f*cking blasting 1 :cooljump: :trippn: :jump:
Oooh Oooh, please sir can I some more :Wink3: :wizard1: :shrooms: :sun: :peace: :punk: :speaker: :clubjump:
from RUssia with LOve

after this atomic blast........ a nuclear bomb from Russia

Coming soon on Deja Vu Records:

VA - Masters of the Keys
compiled by DJ Wizard

Parasense, Fungus Funk, Freaking, KinDzaDza,
Penta, Terminator, Psykovsky, Furious, Big Noise,
G-Light and Enterprise.

Only best Russian artists at one CD.

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after a 3-day torture with timecode-new blood,

paradiso rec-fear psychosis,parvati-grapes...

discovalley-psycho cell

the party continues :jump: :partysmi:

i'm a program