Im a sheep not a pig


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Hi there everyone
wot do I have to do..I'm a sheep (chinese) not a pig (medway/kent). Boo hoo. while I understand the paranoia..if it goes on we might all as well stay at home and play CDs! God I hope there is a decent party on at the weekend.. and that this time, I won't have to list every person I ever knew to get to it!

:welcome: anyway :Smile3:
:welcome: to the forum, yeah, there's been a bit of paranoia lately but lot's have been busted before they got started, so sadly unavoidable
Keep an eye on trhe parties thread an post stuff so ppl get to know ya


Oh Yeah... an I'm a Horse :Smile3:
*grins* :welcome: to you....I also need a good stomp, somehow did'nt manage to get it all out of my system at Boom :blink: :hehe:
I am a rat....well in the Chinese Astronomy sense I am....I'm actually quite nice really...not that some rats are'nt nice....*digs a hole* well :welcome: again, pull up a cushion and get comfy :Grin:
:welcome: :sun: :wizard1: :party2:
Hope you enjoy your stay here! Lots of peeps here from Kent, even some from the Medway Towns!