i'm a shimmering troll. shimmering like the morning dew on a

shimmering troll

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for those of you who haven't realized who i am yet, i am the great and all mighty MEGAN/meggywegsontoast/meathook sodomy/Suar Plum (for obvious sarcastic reasons)/psychedelic poop/smegma.. a few other names, but not every single trash-talker that comes on here to start stuff.. i'm not one of those :unsure: .. am i?

and now, a little bit about myself.. just to make you all realize that i am 100% LEGIT, mate, and that i am no cheap phoney.

my name is megan moose (we'll say moose because that's how i sign it, regardless of the S really being an R) i used to live in america but now i live in england with my m and stepDAD. my opinion is that england has its ups and downs, no, i'd never move back to where i used to live unless i was with a certain somebody because living with him anywhere would make me happy. i'm a youngin and my birthtime is early october. that makes me a libra.

pessimisisity (heh i made that word up JUST NOW!) was ME in my younger days, but now it's all optimism-filled-contradiction. i don't know if that's better or worse though.

i like talking in a normal tone and then shouting the last word or two.
i love my mother, my dad, my boybuddy and his p and m too.
i have ONE best friend and he is gay. the more the merrier is NOT so in this case.
i like hassling people online (in a friendly way of course, nothing serious) and seeing who can give it back - if they can, i know i can talk and joke with them. if they can't, i leave them alone... i think that's where you all think i come across as a 'troll' or whatever you call it :Wink3:
i like doritos and cheese on top, put in the microwave for about 30 seconds and mmm..
i don’t smoke, I don’t drink as much as I used to and I seldom use drugs.
i love animals.
i get upset easily.
i am a brutally honest person.
i like alot of movies and am selling ALL of them. pm me if you want a list.. among are: david lynch films, who framed roger rabbit, a clockwork orange, the wicker man and about 150 more :Smile3:

I like THESE:
(In no specific order and more to add when i think of them!)
mr bungle
secret chiefs 3
beastie boys
all the old cheesy 80's 'rock'
the andrews sisters
fred astaire
gene kelly
louis armstrong
the doors
van morrison
bob dylan
eilert pilarm (hehe)
blind melon
kid 606 (owen!)
casino vs. japan (owen!)
knifehandchop (owen!)
the zutons
goa gil
sergej auto - bravo!
chris morris and the blue jam series
the stranglers
billie holiday
shadowy men on a shadowy planet
creedence clearwater revival
captain beefheart
pink floyd
slayer (reign in blood, mufalucka!)
green jelly
man or astro man?
dead kennedys
thelonious monk
anal cunt
cannibal corpse
the melvins
the beatles
african tribal drums and russian folk music,
and random psy trance that seems to have no name..


now you ALLLLLLLLLL know my weak spots.. lets see what you have to offer. generosity like I have just given, or more abuse when I try to be nice..

this post should most likely determine what kind of people the majority of the people that use this forum. It was suggested to me by Jack (jsainsbury) that I do this and I hope everyone else on the forum I’ve come to speak to.. almost daily actually…. speak up!

Your pal and sweet toothed fairy,

megan :!:

and if you have any questions, please... oh please... OH don't hesitate to ask. :jump:
I like megan, she's allright... And she likes gabber :Grin:

Erm, welcome.. shimmering troll!

I'm with ya megan!
Shame you can't make it tonight, but the offer still stands for future parties :Smile3:

Hiya Megan,

That was brutally truthful :lol:

I'm me... takes me as ya finds me... sure the Pixies belongs on that list somewhere....

Welcome to da forum :wizard1:
:welcome: MeganTroll :Smile3:

You have a little list............ :Wink3:
well.. since nobody seems to have any problems, we can all be peachy once again! i'm so glad. can't wait until next saturday..! :partysmi: :partysmi: :partysmi: :partysmi: :partysmi: :partysmi: :partysmi: :partysmi: :partysmi: :partysmi:
What's happening next Saturday.........Your alright by me Megan, It's good to be a bit spikey every now and again......Especially around hippies, it keeps them on there toes. At least on this forum you can to some extent be yourself on Isratrance if you have a less than favorable opinion on anything. They treat you like your mentally Ill because you've broken the first rule of European psy trance which is to smile and say everything is great......It's like flouro stepford wives.

Your list of likes is soooooooooooooo American.
well i was going to add all the black/death/dark/doom metal bands but i thought naaa, it might give me a bad reputation :Wink3:

thumbs up to cosmo-naughty :punk:
alright meggywegs....
ur kinda..... well, er.......I 'would' :Wink3:

pity it took u so long to sort yerself out.

welcome back.

happy days ahead
you're alright by me mate, wicked chat tonight :cool: