I'm APC from Bournemouth!!


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Ello people howzit goin?

My names APC, I'm visiting your site from Squatjuice after being recommended here by someone from there. Don't really know much bout psy-trance, to be honest doesnt seem like much round my way which is a pain in the arse. I'm slowly getting introduced to it tho by various mixes so if anyone has any details on psy down my way say hi and stuff!!!!!


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Hiya dude......welcome to the forum!

john..... :Wink3:


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ParanoidAndriod said:
welcome welcome...make yourself at home......

I already have. I'm standing on the furniture, drinking milk out the bottle and making a porn with my cat.


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Hellooo helloo :hihug:

:smilemus: :partysmi:

Nice to meet you... i'm newish on the forum too

:Grin: :jump: :Grin: :jump: :Grin:

Hope to meet you at one of the up coming parties!
Thats if we get ourselves down to the same one...

:tongue1: Take care xxxxxxxx


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What flavour crisps are you???

Extra Spicey Monster Munch I hope otherwise I leave you at the BACK OF THE FUCKING CUPBOARD, and ting!