I'm baack!


The Sound Faery
Well as the board has stolen my old username, I now have a brand new one.
Still looks/sounds the same but this one has far fewer posts, guess I have some catching up to do :Grin:


Thank you for finding my bag at Omniscience..

I remember now that it was exactly where I left it.. oops..


I'm such a spanner..


Hmmm :?
Where's the rest of you gone?? (your posts I mean!)

Darn, where's my manners:
(clears throat)
Hello & welcome! Hope you find this forum to your liking! :P :lol:

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They you are :Wink3: Welcome back mate :Grin: :sun: :partysmi:


The Sound Faery
Wiley Peyote said:
tis a shame Plank! u were nearly some sort of God, no?

hehehe..... get typing broe

I only had about 350 posts, but they were mine dammit!!! :huh:

As for the user rankings, I classified myself as a noisey bastard. :speaker:
My own status as a minor deity has never been in doubt :Grin:

Bella, I've told you before, I'm not a tree. Trees are nice calm beings that seldom make a sound - Do you really think that description fits me? :Wink3:

Greatruha - thanks I missed all of you :Smile3:

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hehehehe once again Plank my good man welcome!!!

hope to hook up sometime in next few weeks (prob at psy project) fer another nice long natter!


Henners :drinking:


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Plank! / Planck, are you sure you disappeared and had to recreate a new ID? I thought so too for a while, but the new board seems to have dug me up again. And my precious intro. This time I'll save it in Notepad.

Anyway, welcome back. Perhaps we should all reintroduce ourselves...?

LoL, OGP x

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