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eeer hello, I'm new to the forum, my name is ed, dont really know what to say, just thought I'd come and have a look at what happens here after someone told me about it at stereochemistry in birmingham. all looks quite good from what i can tell, eeer run out of things to say, sure i'll chat more in the future.
Hi dude!


You'll find this a very friendly place.

And it's fun meeting people at parties.

There are some fantastic parties advertised, and reminisced over, on this forum. - I too was at Stereo Chemistry in Birmingham last Friday. If you publish a photograph of yourself in your profile, maybe some of us will recognise you. Have you read the thread and looked at the photographs? - See 'Parties'.

Pete :sonne: :partysmi:
Hi and welcome, hope you enjoyed Stereo Chemistry last Friday. We certainly did! Hope to catch you at future parties :partysmi: