im new just joined


hippy mom
hi im new just registered
im a hippy mom
bit wacky and crazy
got here via uk hippy
seems pretty cool:irofl:


Now Less Confused
hehehe - ukhippy lot seems to be coming over here - is it anything to do with Firinne i wonder!


Now Less Confused
and of course welcome welcome to this place and i hope you enjoy it!

as a hippy you might enjoy our "spiritual and mind altering" section


Dead inside
hello goodmorning and welcome


Good day to you Kestrel, hope you are well, this forum is fun and i think youll LOVE the people on here all bright, shiny peeps, who all seem to understand the meaning of life, the universe and everything in it!!??????? watever, WELCOME, how hippy are you actually? i am 64% according to a pole that was on here a few weeks ago, althou i think i am more Jonny Rotten than Roger Waters.. bye 4 now take care, me out x