I'm playing a live set!

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hey everyone, i'm playing my second ever live set next thursday.. bit of shameless pluggage, but here we go:

flyers here:

in the middle of a hip hop and d&b night, york will be subjected to some stomping hard psytrance.. given i dont post any of my tunes here anymore, thought i'd give you lot a chance to come and check it out!

a little bit about us:
the original concept was to combine psytrance with live instruments incluing guitar and fiddle - however due to all of us having too much uni work to do, and a slight lack of commitment, the live instruments are gone and all we're left with is the name 'Acoustic Terrorism'.
This is our second gig, and the last one went down a storm and the new tune is looking ready to rip the floor up! - its amazing how much you learn actually playing out to a crowd!
erm, well other than that there are two of us, we use 2 BCR2000s hooked into reason 2.5, with synths and sampler played live via midi kbd.. oh and a laptop to play little 'intros' to give us time to load the next tune without there being silence! We play as live as we can - there is no pre-sequencing done inside reason, all we have is lots of loops and as much control over them as possible! (it would be virtually impossible for us to play one of our tunes the same way twice, even if we wanted to)

photos of our last gig can be found here: http://www.dontstayin.com/uk/york/certificate-18/2006/jan/26/photo-1433551


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I'm having fun doing a psy-ish remix for a band that use loads of real instruments (didg, cello, bass, violins, drums, vocals etc.) as well as synths.

For the first time, I'm throwing something like 32 audio tracks (no midi yet) through SX3.

I'm quite impressed that it isn't breaking a sweat on the disk bandwidth!


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I'm not sure it's easy or harder - slightly different skills required to bring out the best in recorded live instruments, which can sound dull once recorded until they're livened up a bit.

Live instruments *and* soft-synths etc. is the way forward I reckon!


Sturdy Pete

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yeah i had a bit of a go with the demo of live, but i kinda prefer working with samplers than the loop timestrecty stuff that live does.. a lot of the loops we use have a tail with delays or reverb, and i couldn't work out how to do it in live :s

computer + instruements.. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm