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triple sod

hi guys, i've just entered the trance world and have a lot of fun...however I don't really know how to dance. i have been practising in front of my mirror and think i have some good moves up my sleeve, but would like some pointers so i can fit in better.

can you give me some advice please?
i've heard about something called the goa two step, can anyone tell me what does that is?
i think you'll find that this is the goa two step:

:partysmi: :partysmi: :partysmi: :partysmi: :partysmi: :partysmi:
do you know what this forum say to me?
'Aqua' which is french for water.. :partysmi: :sun: :punk: :baa: :unsure: :partysmi: :partysmi: :partysmi: :partysmi: :partysmi: :shrooms: :speaker: :speaker: :speaker: :speaker: :shrooms: :shrooms: :smokingrasta: :peace:
Dancing is so easy, just imagine you are:

stacking boxes
showing someone a big fish, little fish
rubbing midgets heads,
moving curtains aside
etc, etc.

Just do what ever feels good!!