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Wow, can I see some horrendous crime arising from this.

People having them cut of their arms by crooks who want a new ID for example? S'pose it'll be the same as biometrix and have a narrow operating temperature.

I'll rather die b4 I'm implanted or anything of the sort

(That barcode graphic reminds me of an old Dead Kennedy's T-shirt - Prisoner of Technology, it had a pink figure behind barcode jailbars.

I was trying to find an example of it online, can't remember if it's an LP or not? Nothing came up in any search engines.)

Dunno about narrow operating temp. being a problem, heating something like a digit up isn't going to be difficult.

I think they do that on purpose - they introduce or threaten to introduce 'security' systems that have no effect at all on what they claim it will assist with, and it probably is just to make the possibility of identity theft all the more painful and potentially life-threatening. They'd know for example that iris or thumb print ID just means that now all you need to do is steal someone's eye or thumb as well as their keycard, or rip out their implant, or whatever stupid ass idiotic method of ID their insanity has come up with.

Some aliens should land their UFOs and explain to those doofuses that people are multidimensional beings and using their DNA just to ID them is the most incredibly stupid thing to as much as think of.

And, remind them that they have had cloning technology for ages, despite what their liar news stories claim, so it's even less secure and open to be exploited by what is already The Problem anyway.

And then blow the living shit right out of all of them and take over and put this all right.
Saw a great sci-fi film about identity fraud - don't quote but I think it was called Gattica. In this world, everyone's genetic make up is known and scanned everywhere you go, just to get through the door at work. People with "inferior" genetics are blatantly discriminated against, and our hero wants a promotion at work that he's not allowed due to being "inferior". The story is about how he teams up with a guy whose genetic materials he borrows - hair, urine samples etc. to present for various checks, so he can get the promotion.

Already the insurance companies and hospitals are talking about favoritism to people with a particular gene set, or tax bracket in some places in the world, and you can store this kind of information in a bar code or implant. Not to mention all yer bank details, criminal records, who you send emails to...
If people start getting these implants put in (and I'm sure it will happen some point), what percentage of the population need to have one for them to start fitting them at birth in hospitals? They'll start with medical reasons, then tracking criminals, then tracking suspected criminals, then asylum seekers, before you know it there'll be more people with them than without.

This sort of stuff really frightens me. I shudder to think how all this could be misused, and not just by the government. Any half-arsed hacker could get hold of the information.
Great film...
check Brazil by terry gilliam 1984? if big brother is ya bag...
I think it's been 2 years since labour sneakily changed the law -
If you were arrested - they automatically took a DNA sample - and
then if you were found to be innocent it was destroyed - now they
just keep it regardless of innocence - the govt will know who your parents
are even if you don't! as genetic knowledge is increasing I can see a scenario whereby the govt justifies controls on innocent people - just because of a possible genetic pre-disposition... Fukin scary...

ps. the Blowfish tune - Fat controller got it's lyrics from Brazil

The ID Card Thread... I mentioned that we are doing chips in animals already and now this..?

I am not suprised in the least I have to say, and I dont reckon it'll be more than 2 generations before we are likely to be implanting them into everybody at birth.

1 generations into that and it'll be considered 'normal'.

Beware people - watch the dark sci-fi, it does hold the warnings :Wink3:
SkizZ said:
I can see a scenario whereby the govt justifies controls on innocent people - just because of a possible genetic pre-disposition...

Kind of like the nazis. Your parents are ill/diseased whatever, so were gonna kill you aswell just in case...
And with regards to the chips, theres always scalpels for this sort of thing. Id cut mine straight out and feed it to a seagull.
Problem is Dezi, they can put these chips in some very hard-to-get-to places...

If they want the chip to be in you and stay in you they may put it next to your heart, or bury it in your liver, or slip it between your skull and brain. Dont put this past them - the biggest step has just been taken :Sad:
strong neodyium magnets taped over suspected implant areas can be enough to mess them up, you may notice im not talking in future tense only, im sure you all had your innoculations in school.. :huh:

lets face it if it gets to the point of the cashless society with hand and forehead chips theres gonna be some big choices to make esp if they pulled some kind of choice out that was reasonably biblical in proportion.

oh well its not where were going, its the journey anyway
Shit man;
better get my old tin foil head protection out of retirement....

cue Cartman - hey you guys I had a strange dream last night...... :?
[farts flames] :P

Yeah sorry serious issue - not a fan of ID cards plus legislation regarding having chemicals in ya body and all the Orwellian possibilities it might entail when you relate it through to emerging technologies - private sector involvement and Americas plans for the New Century. :no: scary!!
I had an ID card until I was 15...