Indica - Vajra

those who were capable of escaping infected mushroom at sonica would have stumbled into the trippers' heaven of Trotter playing, which blew my mind!!!!! fisrt release (i think?) on here hurray!! sonica edit of aes dana's opalin also!!! we are very spoilt wiz zis one :irazz:

Expected: December 12, 2005

Vajra is the latest compilation from the Italian based label Indica Music. Compiled by Josko, this compilation features the best artists in the Ambient Chill Out scene. Trying to discover new directions in music and to spice up the monotonous new age style of today, this compilation is a sexy stew of electronic and ancient world influences, spontaneously blending different styles of ambient, downtempo and dub. Vajra is a must have for ambient lovers, chillers and lazy dancers, this compilation will surely be the perfect answer for all those selective listeners!

Track Listing
1. Gaudi / Lunar Patchouli
2. Cell / Idea Spiral
3. Mauxuam / Lot Of Sound (Remix)
4. Tripswitch / Double D
5. Aes Dana / Opalin (Sonica Edit)
6. Scene / Piano Suite
7. Trotter / Clean That Too
8. Tikal / Le Bonne Etoile
9. Chilled C"quence / Pardesi


God mintsmak
Gaudi, Tripswitch and Aes Dana on the same album? That's got to be worth a go. :Smile3:


Direct DJ
Yeah the first Indica compilation release was good!!
This could be better!! lets hope so! :Wink3:


yo guys this is final track list:

Gaudi - Lunar Patchouli
Cell - Idea Spiral
Tripswitch - Cumulus
Mauxuam - Sounds a lot
Aes Dana - Opalin (Sonica edit)
Scene - Piano Suite
Trotter - Clean That Too
Tikal - La Bonne Etoile
Chilled C'Quence - Pardesi

Compiled by Josko

Mastering by Aes Dana.

Next Indica releases: ''Fighting for survival'' dub compilation, Scene and Trotter debut album, and Cell new Album.