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In a way Infected Mushroom is like the last samurai. Granted, conventionally samurais and Israeli psytrance acts don't have that much if anything in common, yet a thing that links Mushies to the fighters obviously exists, otherwise I wouldn't be writing this shit down, now would I? Unless I'm drunk ofcourse. Then again, maybe I just better cut out the crap and continue. So like I was saying, they're both last of a kind, abnormal relics from the past, the good ol' days, way back then when men fought with honor and psytrance artists created psychedelic music. Look what we've come to! It sure is a rare breed of an artist that still "knows how". Apart from a few English gentlemen and a couple of other giants -Infected Mushroom included- well the craftsmen of psychedelic sounds are gone! I for one am not in for the groove, kickdrum, bassline or even melodies. I say fuck 'em, just give me some psychadelia. It's about the saddest thing in the universe that this medium is so, so rare these days.

So, the name promises psychedelic and psychedelic it's. This time it comes with some damn fine cheese. But cheese can be gourmet, doesn't always have to be Cheddar you know. Not that there's anything particular wrong with this dairy product, mac 'n' cheese at least is rather tasty.

"Radio Edit" has a commercial ring to it, hasn't it? But, to tell the truth the sound is the same (compared to the original mix), the tune is just compressed into half the lenght. They don't play 7 minute tunes on radio you know, not here at least. Actually, there's no way in hell you'd hear this 3:50 minute composition on the radio here anyways.

I'm pretty sure Duvdev wouldn't win say, BBC's "The singer of the World" competition -not without hypnosis, bribes or a bomb threat anyways- but that doesn't mean that he can't sing. I mean you can hear he's obviously doing it while listening to this tune. He obviously is no Andrea Bocelli, who is quite of a singer, but then again Bocelli doesn't get a billion ultra cool effects thrown over his voice too often. "We gonna run, run, run to the cities of the future. Take what we can and bring it back home. So take me down to the cities of the future, everybody is happy and I feel at home." Then we get to the point. Those synths are fucked up, in the most positive way ofcourse. The guitar is cool too. Infected Mushroom is one of the few groups that has a sound that can be recognized easily, and this tune is no expectation. You can download it from free of charge!

Twice the length, twice as good? Now we're given some candy that was left out from the previous. The synths are even more fucked up for one, and then there's that umm, popcorn land part and there's definetly even more to it. Just as you start thinking "Boy it's over now" the tune raises from the grave and the dead walk again. The track takes a 180 degree turn like every few minutes just when you least expect it to. How cool is that? To answer the question, it's pretty fucking cool!

Violet Vision spells quality, so even before hearing this one I already knew for sure that it was going to be smashing. Violet goes for a chilled drum n' bass approach. I'm sure some expert could name the genre more precisely, but then again, who cares. As long as it's rocking your ass. Two of Israel's finest on the same single, that's just great! What's even greater is that they've got totally different styles, so the single doesn't get repeative.

The 4th and the last is a bonus one. I think I've seen this one in some tops ages ago. Not that it matters. There's definetly some illusion of old Infected sound going on, but there's definetly a new horse on the track too. Violent, yet relaxed, just like rancid cream, the tune advances, it's lumpy. Slowly we enter the kinky theme park, 03:12 to be exact. Elegant is the word. It's all here, classical instruments, brilliant composition, absence of Duvdev's voice (no offence :Smile3: ), just the way I like my mushrooms. Fried with cream, oh momma that's so tasty! This tune could have been on Classical Mushroom, really, maybe they kept it hidden in the deepest corner of the B.P Empire for all these years? Then again maybe they're returning to the roots. Many people wouldn't mind that at all that's for sure, no?

And now to the thing why you unguestionably read this entire text. MY opinion! Back in the days when I really started liking psytrance Infected Mushroom's Classical Mushroom was the album and The Gathering wasn't that bad either. Since then Infected has been in my opinion Israel's finest in psytrance, and having now listened to this single quite explicitly I must say that my opinion is not about to change. If you like Infected's previous stuff this single will make a good home of your cd deck for the next month or so. If you're not a fan, well don't bother..

I say 4/4 , it's a killer!
CV I like the other side and I like the trance side but don't mix um together...
Thats what cities sounds like to me..possibly the first infected track that ever made me go hummm rrrr oh well never mind. of course I love to reveal in the quality of their production but this latest effort didn't float my boat.

I am a slave and will get there next album of course but will approach with caution.
hmmmmmmm, heard this loads at full moon festie, gourmet cheese? I think not! Big fat chunk of chedder? oh yes!
Which everway you look at this tune, psychedelia or not, it just does not work IMO....oh perhaps on TOTPs though.

Please note this post was written by a non-Infected fan
No fuckin' way - marmite is lush...Infected are not!!!

Do not insult marmite in that way thank you very much :Grin:
I like Infected. anyone who knows me could tell you that, but I am getting nervous over there next releases.

Please don't let it be shit.
I figure they like making music, so that's what they're gonna do. Sadly they also like a bit of cash to throw around (who doesn't) - combine the two and it's gotta get 'air-play'.

I respect them for having churned out some of the most evocative and distinguished tracks I've ever heard (IMHO). Sadly I think time has come for them to try pastures new... good luck to them, but I won't be purchasing the CD unless a particularly dirty 303 climbs out'o the case and bites a serious chunk out of one of my legs.

Psyfi - I'll have to have a listen 'round yours mate :Wink3:
Gosh! Pricey not buying an Infected Mushroom song?????

The man must be ill!!!!!

Or they must really be taking a turn for the worse.

I must admit though that I can admit to stil never hearing Converting Vegetarians but nobody can deny that there are many trance acts around who cause a stir by releasing a new album after, what, over a year WITHOUT having to continually release tracks on comps.
i wish they had changed their name. Infected to me is the Gathering, Classical Mushroom and the 1 before hehe. fucking class, everybody liked these tunes, they were sitting at the top of the ladder eating peeled grapes with X-Dream and Hallucinogen. gosh, too much cocaine perhaps? it is shite! no other words needed. shite shite shite :no:
if there was a tribute band they could be called infected marmite, or infected mushroom tea, or infected chicken and mushroom pot noodle. the possibilities are endless... :wow:
Drat Mafia said:
too much cocaine perhaps?

Not the case dude, not sure about Duvdev, but Erez is a pure little angel boy and no toxic substances ever pass his lips\nose...

I think these guys are primarilly musicians with some wicked technical studio tricks, They did psy-trance well, sorry brillantly on "Gathering, Classical, BP Empire" and they got bored they don't want to be confined by the rules of making that psy-trance sound, and now they don't have to be. If you have made it big, people will buy your tracks, so you can make what you like. Fuck the rules and boundaries just mess it all up and try and be unique\different to the normal! I think they are succeding in that, and they are going to lose some fans on the way and gain others. Lots of people seem to do it that way, Posford said he got bored of making psy-trance so concentrated on Shpongle for years because there was no confining rules (4/4 structure, bpm range etc...) in that project!
I'm big fan of infected

and i've to agree with all of you, THE NEW RELEASES FROM INFECTED GET ON THE NERVES!

sometimes i want to piss on them.
wow i actually really like this! I think its the really prominent synth bass bit after the song does that climax bit....sorry im crap with musical terms! :hehe:
im not buying it .... i love all there older stuff up till converting vegetarians.....

marmite is nice though

infected chicken and mushroom pot noodle

trust you ross :Grin:

rob :Grin:
ashers said:
Take the cheesy singing out of it and I would really like the track.
yup. totally with u on that. duvdevinitely (sorry)

Diseased Carrot?

Rabied Aubergine?

Potato leppars?

Rancid Raddish?

Putrified Beetroot?

Molten Celery?

Gammy Onions?

*gets coat*