Intense Euphoria - Meleodic Fullon 142 BPM


dipthong mong
Aural Invasion | Intense Euphoria

that intro synth is laaarge :Smile3:

bassline is chunksome. i like the delayed synths and the percussive intersections. it has a shiny sound with lots of space for individual elements. i like the panning on the call-and-response synths @ 2:00. there's a warm electro-pad sound which is cool as well, it gives a lot of minor tension to the track and sits nicely with the bassline.

this is very much the strain of psytrance i look for when i'm buying tunes :Smile3: there's a hydrophonic-ness about the bassline after the first break... old-skool style synth line @ 4:40 shows a different side to the track, i really wasn't expecting it to be honest!

i really like the main chorus. those delayed synths are suitably twisted and i like the melodic structure of the track. it's not too busy either which is cool. the warm pitch-bend pads are sweet as well :Smile3: help set it apart from other stuff in this genre.

very nice!

Alex - Aural Invasion

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Thx alot for the review AEON :Smile3:

You are actually the first to mention/notice the pitch-bending in the pad, didnt think anyone would ever notice it really :Smile3:

But glad you like it! It's mastered by Colin/OOOD btw, and that really lifted track up!