Intergalactic – The Future

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    Intergalactic – The Future


    Artist: Intergalactic (Israel)
    Title: The Future
    Format: CD (jewel case)
    Label: Noga Records (Japan)
    Cat. #: NOGACD 001
    Distribution: Sigimus (worldwide), File Distribution (Japan)
    Date: 26 January 2005

    Track listing:

    01. 05’59†Happy Zone
    02. 07’28†Technographic
    03. 07’03†Fairies Rain
    04. 07’30†Free Galaxy
    05. 06’26†The Future
    06. 06’49†Star Light
    07. 06’47†Space Tour
    08. 07’14†Armstrong
    09. 06’10†Navigation


    Futuristic full-on…

    25 year old Vik Shefi from Israel is an experienced producer… He has released albums both as Intergalactic, Viktan, Vik On Injection and Cyber Cartel – but now his focus is on the Intergalactic project… This is the debut release on the new Japanese label Noga Records and according to the promotional info, this album has been two years in the making… So let’s find out if that investment paid off…

    Let me take you thru the tracks…

    #01: Happy Zone [146 BPM]
    Right, this is melodic from the get-go… Instant synth… Instant melody… And a not-so-instant bassline… This is pretty standard, fluffy morning trance with odd bits and pieces thrown in… I kinda like the piano bits and the floating harmonic pads here… And I dig the last couple of minutes with super-happy melodies – it’s a shame the track is so short though… But besides from that, this track doesn’t really do much for me… But I guess it was mostly meant as an intro to the album, and as such it’s setting the mood for what’s about to come…

    #02: Technographic [146 BPM]
    “Party… Party… hypnotism, syncroprism, tripnology, lies, scandal and pornography†And now the album starts getting really interesting… This here is darker full-on with a technographic touch… Oh yes, this is some good shit… The 5’40 point should convince even the most hardened sceptic… Melodic overdrive! Flaring crisp acid-lines blasting away whilst the bassline is bouncy as hell… Kick-ass build-ups and rocking climaxes… I’m officially in love with full-on again! Brilliant!

    #03: Fairies Rain [146 BPM]
    “Free your mind!†And now it’s raining faries! Sweet old school intro… Atmospheric pads… Digital farts… Space samples… Again, this is a highly melodic tune… Floating uplifting soundscapes of an epic nature… Nice and well-polished – I could’ve wished for a little more edge here though… But a nice track nevertheless…

    #04: Free Galaxy [146 BPM]
    Vik continues in the 146 bpm range with this spacey number… Ahhhh more edge now – tasty!... Cut up beats and a darker beat…. This is night time trance – designed to shred the trance floors with fast, pumping, twisted full-on… Tasty!

    #05: The Future [145 BPM]
    “Please do not be alarmed. Remain calm. Do not attempt to leave the dancefloor. The DJ booth was conduction a troubleshoot test of the entire system. This is only a test….†Holy mushroom, this title track is brand-spanking amazing… It rocks! Fast, pumping, focussed night time full-on trance with just the right mix of darkness, melodies, acid and bass to tickle my taste buds… One sweet build-up + take-off after the other… Yes, yes, YES! Intelligent full-on! Stellar track!

    #06: Star Light [146 BPM]
    Very nice, orchestral intro here… Almost organic… And check out the wicked rhythm section – twisted, trippy electronic burps alongside a steady bassline… Great synth-action here – kinda raw, but yet melodic and well-groomed… Fast, bouncing full-on – will work wonders on the dancefloor! Nice track!

    #07: Space Tour [146 BPM]
    “God likes to watch. He's a prankster. Think about it. He gives man instincts!†Let’s go to space – where else? Another fast-paced full-on track with crisp beats and twisted tweaking… I really dig the extremely psychedelic pizzicato acid-rips here… Hardcore full-on extravaganza with friendly nods to the insane psy coming out of Finland and Australia… Sweet, sweet track!

    #08: Armstrong [142 BPM]
    Go Lance! Go Louis! Go Neil! Go Vik! … Though set a couple of bpms lower than the previous tracks, this tune still manages to be extremely head bop friendly… This is deep, darkish night time full-on… With a big fat dose of funk! … Very trippy track!

    #09: Navigation [144 BPM]
    If you were expecting a nice chilled track to finish things off – well here it is… Despite the high bpm, this is much more relaxed tune… Experimental, floating, organic, melodic – though with beats and bass…. Nice tune, but not the best here…

    Before listening to this, I was pretty sceptic… The stuff I had previously heard from Vik didn’t really impress me + I was afraid this was another boring, formulated Israeli full-on record…But I’m happy to inform you that my preconceived prejudice was totally unfounded – this is a brilliant album with only a couple of mediocre tracks… The vast majority of tracks kicks major ass, and actually this album has kinda restored my faith in modern full-on… Oh yes, there are some really cool tracks here – if this is the direction full-on is taking in 2005, I’m totally looking forward to more...

    The outside cover art is pretty nice and well-fitting – though the inside of the booklet is an eyesoar… But who cares about that? The CD also comes with a handy Case Logic friendly DJ slip… Cool! Anyway, this album is great – and I’d recommend it to any fan of high quality full-on… Check it out when it’s released on 26 January 2005 - You might be surprised as I was… Enjoy!

    Favourites: 2(!!), 4, 5(!!), 7(!), 8


    External links:
    Noga Records:
    Chaos Unlimited:
    Trance Shop:

    Should be available @ Psyshop, Saiko Sounds, etc shortly…
  2. Lam

    Lam Guest

    Nice review mate.

    Got this ordered from Chaos, really looking forward to the release date. Really liked his Cyber Cartel release a couple of years ago on Agitato. :partysmi:
  3. Jon Kenobi

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    Yeah had this one on order for a while now.......not all the intergalactic/cyber cartel stuff grabs me...but when it does its usually cos its something a bit special :Grin:
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