Artist Interview: Balliou


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Artist: Balliou

Date: 28-07-21

Interview by: Psyland Web Radio

– Hello Balliou! We are so glad to have an interview with you! Tell us a few words about yourself.
– Hello! Thank you for inviting me to your interview and congratulations for the online radio! It’s something that was missing in Greece so I am very glad you are working on this. I am Johan Balliou, 37 years old, from Albania, living in Greece for the last 30 years.

– How did your Psychedelic Music journey start?
– My Psychedelic Journey started when I was 18 years old. I remember one of my friends invited me to go to a Psytrance Party in Thessaloniki and since then I found myself very into this music genre. I started to go to many psytrance parties and started to dream of becoming a DJ. Then I started playing music as a DJ at different parties and well-known festivals in Greece, such as Free Earth, Halkidiki Dance Experience, and so on.

When did you start producing music?
– I started producing music in 2014 after I got inspired by an artist friend who was visiting me at my place. That’s how I had my first touch with production. Through these 7 years, I have released one EP with Harmonia Records Label, many releases and collaborations with Sangoma Records, WooDog Records, and many more.

How would you describe your style of music?
– My music it’s Psytrance! I don’t really know how to put it into words actually but I really enjoy it when people describe it for me from their experience.

What are you working on right now?
– I am working on a new album that will also have also collaborations with other artists. It will be launched in 2022. In the meantime, I am booked to play music in different Psychedelic Festivals in Greece, Mexico, England, Cyprus etc.

– What do you think of the future of the Psychedelic Scene?

– I see it evolving every day! I am very glad that there are more people organizing festivals nowadays and I also love the fact that visual mapping and 3D art are part of the psychedelic scene.

– That is all! Thank you so much!

– Thank you! I hope this covid period ends soon and we get to meet each other all around the world!

John a.k.a BALLIOU got involved in the Psychedelic culture back in 1999, growing up inside the underground electronic music scene. After performing in many events, ranging from underground parties to large venues & festivals, Balliou joined the DJ roster of Harmonia Records. While busy with DJ-ing, Balliou worked hard to develop much-needed experience and knowledge in music production. Nowadays Balliou enjoys experimenting in his studio, orchestrating twilight psychedelic music soon to be heard in major music festivals.