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Artist: Eternity

Date: 23-02-22

Interview by: Psyland Web Radio

Welcome to Psyland Nikos. Lets’ introduce yourself to our beloved Psylanders.
– Hello Psylanders, I want to thank you guys for inviting me to this new web radio project and I wish you all the best with this new start!! So my name is Nick and I am 32 years old now. I Live in Athens, Greece.

Tell us about Eternity Project and your first steps into psy music.
–Eternity Project starts before 2010 as a dj, at my first steps playing at parties in Athens and random festivals in Greece. In 2017 I started searching more about producing and how to create a unique style of psychedelic music. My passion for this music makes me more focused on my dream to produce my own music. Now after 4 years I am on a good way with my music-making. A way that I could have only dreamed of! hahaha… Yeah, I think the crowd and the good releases bring to you the answers.

What do you enjoy most when producing psy music?
–It is a big love for me when it’s the time that I am going to the studio and making all this preparation to start a track. I listen to many kinds of music but this genre and especially the forest dark psy vibe is my path for my productions.
I am always trying to move on paths of an atmospheric and swampy mood and create a unique flow because I like to be out of the box… Also, my favorite time when producing is when I create all these platforms with all these sounds, to combine a unique flow and a final result…

Being an artist and also a label founder for some years now, what is your opinion about the sustainability of the psy scene today?
–Well, my opinion on this is that it is very important to make total cooperation of all of us on music development because the ego’s don’t give us many things and this music is created to unite all people. So I think that if the top crews from festivals and labels, and all of these guys that love what they do make something all together on projects, will give us more new things and new ideas…

Other than music production, in what activities do you enjoy spending your time?
–I am also working on my store fixing and painting cars and motorbikes and my favorite thing to spend my free time is, of course, the good food haha
I also like traveling to beautiful places for relaxing… Also, my favorite thing when I have free time and good friends with me is fishing. Yeah, I like it a lot. It is another one of my passions… Camping on a top spot, fishing, eating, and relaxing haha.

Do you have any upcoming releases on mind?
–Yeah guys, I am happy with this because I am working on too many tracks for upcoming random VAs and also preparing my EP.
I am also starting a new organic darkpsy project… More info soon…

Is there anything else you would like to share with Psyland?
–I wish you guys all the best with this radio and culture. More things are coming for you guys. Your moves are on a good way and in the future, we will have something that was missing from Greece. A good radio… I send all my positive vibes on this. See you again guys… Thanks again for the invite.

ETERNITY is an energetic and ingenious Greek artist who lets his inspiration flow in anything he touches. Except from a dj and a producer he has a leading role in one of the biggest psychedelic communities in Greece and overseas.
His Music Project is marked by Deep Sound Layer, Organic and Dynamic Kick and Basss, moving between different lines of Twilight & Forest music.. Also spends a lot of his creativity in aerography & design arts. Born in Athens in 1989, Nick grew up wandering in every psychedelic corner he found in his free time whilst learning, working, and expanding his creativity.
He absorbs his influence from numerous artistic scenes and he is experimenting with all kinds of psychedelic vibes. He had been the opening act of many influential and core names of the trance scene. Although he enjoyed djing and putting the pieces together to create a pleasing journey in numerous parties & festivals, in 2011 he fell in love with music producing.
Since then he participated in many cooperative and solitary projects releasing more of his energy in the art of the psychedelic…

•● ॐ /|_Peace in the Universe/|_ॐ ●•

Label founder of Psyunity Music

Label Artist on Shunyata Records

Label Artist on Vanaghotra rec

Labels that he Releases his Music:

PsyUnity Music, Vanaghotra, Shunyata Rec, PsynOpticz Records, Underground Experience, Magus Nexus Rec, Woo-Dog Recordings, D Noir rec

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SoundCloud: www.soundcloud.com/eternity-psymusic

Facebook: facebook.com/EternityPsy