Artist Interview: SiShiva


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Artist: SiShiva

Date: 11-08-21

Interview by: Psyland Web Radio

– Hello and welcome to the Psyland interview section.

– Hello psyfamily! Thank you for the invitation to be a part of your beautiful new
project! It’s my pleasure to be here.

– Tell us a little bit about you and your introduction to music…

– My name is Sissy, born and raised in Athens. I entered the music world when I was a kid by playing the guitar and the flute. Then I took a break from the guitar because I wanted to explore something else. Around 2005 I started experimenting with the software “propellerheads reason”. This is when I made my first track. Then I realized that this is what I wanted to do, music. In 2008 I studied sound engineering and I led to a deeper understanding of the music industry.

– What made you choose psychedelic trance among all music?

– I liked the vibe of the people on the dance floors and loved the sound of the bass in psytrance. While listening to some of my favorite artists of that time, Like Penta and Rinkadink, I was imagining a new style in my mind that could combine my favorite bass line and a few sound elements that weren’t out there yet. Then I promised myself that I’m going to learn how to take what is in my head and make it a track for the dancefloor.

– What about your 2 projects, which one is your favorite?

– Sishiva project is the 1st one. Was created in 2006 and is my 1st brainchild. A big piece of my soul is in that project. Sishiva’s style is Forest/Darkpsy and won’t extend further than 165bpm. I like keeping my sound groovy, with atmospheres and leads while imagining the crowd dancing on my beats. Diansis is more like a free expression project for me. I transform my intense emotions into tunes and I make experiments such as switching from chill out to hitech, to progressive beats in a single track. Both are my children so I really cannot choose. It depends on where my mood is when I sit in the studio and start a new track.

– When was your first release?

– My 1st release was in 2008 for a Greek-based label called Moonsun records.

– Give us some advice for all females who are involved with music production.

– I advise any gender to work hard and be patient with their progress. Women have many abilities and qualifications to succeed wherever they want. As for my battle, I have fought hard to succeed. I wasn’t given anything for free and I will continue to fight to achieve my personal goals. My support goes x10 to every young female music producer out there.

– Thanks for the time, is there anything you want to tell us about the psychedelic scene nowadays?

– No matter how many pandemics and lockdowns they will put us through, we are getting stronger every year and we will always find a way to keep doing what we love doing. We are underground, we are united, we are a tribe like no other on this planet and we need to keep this spirit alive.