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Artist: Tromo

Date: 30-06-21

Interview by: Psyland Web Radio

– Hello Tromo. Tell us few words about yourself.
– Hi, first of all I would like to thank you for making this interview and congratulations for this new project aiming to promote psychedelic culture & music. My name is Yannis and I am living in Athens, Greece with my girlfriend and our cats.

– When did you start being interested on Psychedelic music?
– Maybe just before the 2000, when the psytrance scene in Greece was very popular amongst young people with many underground parties happening.

– Tromo is your most famous project, what about your side projects?
Tromo is my personal project and Quadraphonic with Antonymous. Quadraphonic was created in 2012, when we released our first collaboration track “Antigravity” on Sonic Loom’s first ever VA Loomination. Nowadays we are preparing Quadraphonic debut album that will be released on Sonic Loom.
Also Ohminside is a project with Drury Nevil, and has several releases in various VA’s.

– Can you describe your music style?
– I enjoy creating music with no restriction on a specific style and bpm.
Every track is a story blended with solid kick and bass, atmospheres, leads and drums enveloped by the musical development which takes the listener into a psychedelic journey.

– Any new releases on mind?
– A personal ep is almost ready. Also 1-2 solo tracks that will be included in VA’s that are being prepared.

– What is your view of the Greek psychedelic trance scene today?
– Greek psychedelic trance scene is quite strong and famous in almost every part of the psychedelic world.

– What do you miss more from past years?
– I miss traveling, the parties and festivals around the globe. All this covid story changed all the plans and hoping for an end of this really soon.

– Thanks for the interview!

Yiannis S. aka Tromo born and raised in Athens has shown great interest in music and music production from a very young age.
He studied guitar and synthesizer and after experimenting with various rock and metal bands, he eventually was convinced that music is his calling.

Around 1997, he discovered the magic in electronic sounds and psytrance music by going to parties and festivals around Greece and Europe.

Influenced by the psychedelic trance scene, in 2007 he created the Tromo project and released his first track on Mighty Quinn Records.

In 2011 he joined Sonic Loom Music and continued experimenting with his unique sound and atmosphere.

In the process of creating and exploring, two side projects were born “Quadraphonic” with Antonymous and “OhmInside” with Drury Nevil.

Yiannis released tracks on Sonic Loom and other well-known labels and performs in many events around the world.

Harmonies Of Randomness” is his debut solo album released on Sonic Loom Music on March 9, 2018.
It consists of ten tracks all crafted carefully, carrying his personal style, memories and experiences of all the years he is involved in music and in the psychedelic trance scene, as an artist but also as a follower.

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