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Greetings Psyfiends!

Introducing myself, Lightningfrog.

I am a 32yo psynutter living on the Gold Coast in Australia. I have been going to doofs since 1999, and have been DJ'ing since 2000. (Although i did go to a couple of Return to the Source parties at the Fridge in Brixton circa '96, i wasn't really sure what i'd let myself into!!)
I've recently branched out into "bedroom" production, and hope to achieve some sort of professionalism by the end of the year.

I've put on many parties (free only) in the area, the most recent being last month.

I have a large network of psyfriends, including (but not limited to) the boys and girls at Digital Psionics, Alkaloid, Tribeadelic, Green Ant, DeMon Tea, Electric Forest and Gi'iwa.

Having the lads from IM play at the local band rooms, capacity 1500, and selling out has been the highlight of my year so far. This should be superceded in November when I make the pilgramage to Earthcore.

My g/f and I are also on the lookout for talented artists who would like to be paid, yes i said PAID, to have their art brought to life on clothes, banners etc.

I can't keep Sub 6 out of my Pioneers at the moment. Also liking Eskimo and Dark Nebula (Go Ritchie!!)

Any questions? Please feel free to ask.


Welcome To The Forum Dude, My mate was chatting too Reece at Gi'wa for a bit about getting a record released, never happened in the end, but he is a nice guy.

Sounds Like putting IM on was fun!! and yeah Sub6 and Eskimo, kick it up, off too see Eskimo this wkend!! :Wink3:
Welcome to the forum, what took you so long :P :Smile3: You're def in the right place here my man :Wink3:

Keep up the good work :speaker:
welcome to the forum brother....... :wizard1: :sun:
Welcome to the forum. I've only just made it on too after partying for 14 years!!

Enjoy and keep up the free party atmos...............its the best and we love it in Brighton.