Introducing myselfishness... :)


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just wanted to take the opportunity to say "Hello" to all of ya..
As for me, I can say that electronic music is my life. Been producing various styles since the age of 16 (28 now), released a few tracks, and now trying to live out my life long dream of running my own label.

Take your time to visit my artist-site:
And/or my label-site:

Hope to have some quality conversations and debates with all of ya...

Hey Lars - :welcome: to the forum :Smile3:

How do you rate your Alesis Monitor One's?

Thanx mate...

7/10 - Low budget, quality monitors...good for doing the "first mastering" of your tracks, but as always I'd recommend checking out your tunes on other monitors aswell...
Cheers, I was trying to choose between them or Yamaha MSP5's - pocket money is a bit tight :Wink3:
easy noooooow :smokingr: hey lars, welcome to the forum mate :drinking: :party2:
Rez8N:, pocket money is allways a bit tight aren't they :sad:
Anyway, the Alesis are absolutely recommendable, can't speak for the Yamahas though, but if you have the opportunity, then check out both of them. Bottom line is, it all depends on you and your ears. :Smile3:

psychedelvic: Thanks mate...Party on! :punk:
:welcome: Lars dude i stick with same old monitors i have been listening to for years they are not great but my ears have grown to know them .hey this could be a good topic ill give it a go
Percy:...and you should! And thanks mate. :Smile3:

If it works, then why fix it! :Wink3: - as long as you know your monitors, everything is great! :cool:

Before purchasing the Alesis M1's I had some cheap computer speakers (£10) with great sound. I loved 'em - but they fooled me a lot! I never listened to my music on other speakers but them, so when I went playing for the first time semi-live (well, actually 90% of the music was played from DAT, hehe) the entire room (a 1940's bunker) was filled with bass.. that can be a good thing, but it sounded awfull.
I couldn't hear there was too much bass in the mix on my belowed speakers... :?
Ah, but what Percy isn't showing (just off camera right) is that his monitors are sooooooo large, they even have their own post code!

But I take yer point :Wink3:

Welcome to the forum!!! Looking forward to ferreting with yet another Dane!

Hope you will have as much fun here as I have :wub:
and good luck with living your dream :Smile3: sounds lush - I am easy I just want a hamster really :P

xxxxxx Ferret xxxx
Lilo-pigen!!! :Wink3:
And Shroomy!! :crazy:

Thanx a bunch to all of ya...I'm feeling very welcome in here... :wub:
weeeeehay!! A fellow Scandinavian!!! Lovely to have you in here!!! :sun: