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Alright I might aswell introduce myself aswell,

I am Cenk a.k.a Psy Commando, I am 16 years of age and I like music and computers.

I was a normal teenager listening to his metal in his bedroom stereo. :Wink3: Around the age 13 was invited to tekno parties, it was alright, just the 1st experience was kind of freaky, some guy who looked like a tramp was doing break dancing on a stage and he looked like a professional, I was shocked. Anyway, so I carried on going to these parties for about 1 year, I then was invited to psychedelic trance and that scene was totally opposite to the tekno scene. Everyone seemed clean, peaceful and less mashed off of their face :Smile3:, so I ended up staying in the psy scene and also ended up learning how to DJ about 7 or 8 months ago and now I am Psy Commando :Smile3:

I hope thats enough info...
Need to party properly soon or I will go mad!!! Let's make it very full on and fluffy :Smile3:
A fluffy hello to you :Smile3:
:welcome: :wizard1: :welcome:
welcome, but enough of this fluffyness...i think me is gonna puke...sorry.. :P
:welcome: man.......

So, u like full on, dont u??? which bands do u like most???

:peace: LUR
Hiya Cenk! :welcome:

Great to seeya here. You made it at last. May I, please, continue to be your "honorary granddad"? Or was it your "raving granddad"? :Wink3:

And may I tell folk how to pronounce your name, it may help when they meet you? - Tell us if I've got it wrong, but the 'C' in "Cenk" is pronounced like a soft 'J' to my way of hearing and speaking, like the 'J' in "John".

Looking forward to seeing you on a dancefloor somewhere soon... :partysmi:

Pete :sonne:
Full on is the way to be!

Everything is correct OGPete :P

Its also a honour to have you as my raving grandad, I told my real nan and grandad about you but they didn't really get the picture. (lol)
Haven't seen you since Seven Sisters, well, I hope to see you soon either way! :Smile3: