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Hi Everyone,

Just a quick note of introduction to say I've finally registered after all this time of hanging around with the likes of Psylent at parties in London (most recently Symbiosis on the weekend- it rocked!).

Like the great man Psylent himself, I'm also an Aussie from Melbourne, and recently took a job here in London as a lighting designer.

I'm a bit of a life-changing weirdo, my previous lives include psychologist, architect and linguist. I've managed to do all this because I'm very old. Don't ask.

My intentions are to hang out here on the forum a bit and continue to tag along to parties with Psylent, where hopefully I'll meet a few more of you crazies in the future.

Bye for now!
g'day spacewombat, c'mon in an pour yourself a fosters. sorry.
ey up and :welcome: enjoy your stay and no doubt I'll meet ya sometime soon at a party near you
hey there :welcome: to the party mate. you'll find all you want and more here.... :party2: :Smile3:
Wkd.. more recruits big :welcome: to the forum.. wkd fun for all

:welcome: to the forum SpaceWombat - have a :smokingr:
I'm pretty sure Crunchy Moles are related to Space Wombats. I am pleased to hear we both have had lots of careers and consider ourselves old. I assume you like psytrance too? Hurrah! I've never met Psylent either, but I hope to bump into you at a party one day (Synergy's our next outing). It is a fantastic opportunity to act one's shoe size :rolleyes: