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Zen Cat

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Warsaw, Poland
Evening all!

Was turned on to this forum by a fellow producer and it's great to find such a vibrant UK psy community online!

I'm a 26 year old psytrance procudcer living and working in the fine city of London. I've been a psytrance fan from the first moment I heard Infected Mushroom's legendary Classical Mushroom album four years ago. Since then I've been dedicated to the world of Psy!

I'm into pretty much every kind of Psytrance, but my favourites are Infected Mushroom, Kox Box, Hux Flux, Tristan, GMS and Hallucinogen.

I've been producing tracks for the past two years. I started out with Fruityloops on a crummy little laptop and now use the following setup:

Access Virus
Nord Modular
Pentium 4 2.6Ghz running Cubase SX2 and a shedload of plugins' vsts, etc.
Behriner UB1240 FX Mixer
Samson Servo 170 Power Amp
Tannoy Reveal Monitors

I've written around 15 tracks since I started and I'm now at the stage were I'm sufficiently happy with the quality of my tracks to start having a go at releasing them.

I'm always up for meeting fellow psyheads and look forward to getting to know you all and contibuting to this fine oasis of psyschedelic abundance!


I'm especially interested in hooking up with fellow producers and DJs, so if you like my tracks, drop me a PM and let's create some of the most beautifully multi-layered, head-twistingly sublime psytrance known to man!

Here's one of my tracks (posted in the apporpriate forum of course!)

Love and Light,

Zen Cat :iyes: