"Invasion From Hyperspace" compiled by Me - (Organic Records)


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"Invasion From Hyperspace" - (Organic Records)

I got together the best set of tunes I could find and threw em in an order that made sense to me at the time onto a cd.. It's called "Invasion From Hyperspace"

It's out May 30 : Sound samples on site now at www.organicrecords.net - click thru to the home page!

We've had a really good reaction from DJs so far :

DJ John '00' Fleming has called it "The best Psy album I’ve heard for ages." and also said "Eventually a serious album for music lovers.....no bubblegum pop music!! Awesome work :Smile3:"

DJ Kristian from Phantasm has said "Wow the Pop Stream tune what a track mate big line will be playing it in Kiss Fm..."

Check out the info on the site! Hope you Like it too :Smile3:



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DJ Lurk (Boom! records/Hoi Pol Loi) says "what a fantastic line up, the samples sound great and i would definitely be playing it out, if i had a copy of it and any gigs coming up. i thoroughly recommend this cd to all fans of Enya"

erm, doesn't sound right, does it... seriously, am well looking forward to this one :Smile3:


Stunning Cunt
i believe you :Smile3: especially if your last few comps are anything to go by, i'm just in a particularly idiotic mood today :Wink3:


OOoo I'd like to have a listen
I wonder if it's got anything to do with that dream I keep having now and then-about a silver robot picking off ppl at parties?


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could be subbie... I thought the idea of a kitsch invasion of cute but deadly nanomachines sounded kinda cool :Smile3:

thanks for that paul... u b the man person!! The VOC track on here is one we did with Chris when we we're feeling ultra fluffy about the world!!!! and why not?!!! YAY!!!!!

track list here :

1. OOOD: Free Range
2. Jirah - Paradise
3. Benefaktor - Modus Operandi
4. Pop Stream & Backspace - Oom Da(Warp Mix)
5. Safi Connection - Hello Houston(Chris Organic Remix)
6. Anax - Music
7. Synthia System - Whammy Mammy
8. Voice of Cod vs Chris Organic - Unusual Illusion
9. 2pm - Catz

full info on all artists and sound samples here :





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psyreviews says:

"i would like a copy andrew"


open your mind
andrew says "I bet you would mr psyreviews. When will you be returning to the green shires of England?"

Chris Organic

Mongolian FishSlap dancer
Cheers everyone...! Yes, we are wild with excitement about this release.... ! <goes wild with excitement>


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Can't wait really, Tsunami cd rocked.....need some new tunes for the summer...bang on time...


open your mind
just a quick note to say you can catch a lot of the artists from the cd playing at various gigs around uk...

voice of cod are confirmed in brighton at digital elf ritual on may 27 (just b4 the cd comes out) and july 2nd at Tribe of frog

chris organic is playing this weekend (the 20th at SE1)

colin and chris and myself are playing at the launch party for the album at psydmt on june 10