Iranian Oil Burse


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In the media these past few months, we have heard alot of reasons as to why IRAN is the 'Big Baddie' on the Global stage right now..... 'Nuclear' this and 'Nuclear' that......

but aside from IRAN doing for itself what umpteen other Global powers have done already.... there is one thing which doesnt seem to get any press coverage and yet it is in itself... the Biggest Threat America has faced in the last decade.......(Since Sadam tried it in 1998)

....Im not gonna bang on about it (my friends... bless em... get enough of that)

... I will let u guys do some reading & research and make your own minds up....

....But I will lead with the statement...

"Re. IRAN: America is NOT concerned about 'Uranium Enrichment Programs' ...and all that......they are only concerned with the other 'Threat' to American Global domination... and that is the inevitable collapse of the U.S economy that will be instigated by the introduction of Global Oil trading in Euros... NOT dollars".......... and the Catalyst to this change will be the opening of the Iranian Oil Burse.......... (considereing the implications on the GLOBAL economy... you'd think this would be big news..... but have you seen much about it in the Mass Media????.... didn't think so......

...... Some links to get u started.......

** Its also intersting to note that Geroge (Texas Creed ~ Oilman) Bush; has begun to sing a different song.... gone is the 'Black Gold' Mantra of the Dallas Days... and now we can hear him chirping on about 'the Future is Ethanol' etc..... this a response to the inevitable ??


Psychedelic Samurai
Iran: The Next Neocon Target

Before the U.S. House of Representatives

April 5, 2006

"There is no evidence of a threat to us by Iran, and no reason to plan and initiate a confrontation with her.......Iran does not have a nuclear weapon and there’s no evidence that she is working on one--only conjecture.
If Iran had a nuclear weapon, why would this be different from Pakistan, India, and North Korea having one? Why does Iran have less right to a defensive weapon than these other countries?

The fact that Saddam Hussein demanded Euros for oil in an attempt to undermine the U.S. dollar is believed by many to be one of the ulterior motives for our invasion and occupation of Iraq. Similarly, the Iranian oil burse now about to open may be seen as a threat to those who depend on maintaining the current monetary system with the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.......

............The President’s 2006 National Security Strategy, just released, is every bit as frightening as the one released in 2002 endorsing pre-emptive war. In it he claims: “We face no greater challenge from a single country than from Iran.” He claims the Iranians have for 20 years hidden key nuclear activities-- though the IAEA makes no such assumptions nor has the Security Council in these 20 years ever sanctioned Iran. The clincher in the National Security Strategy document is if diplomatic efforts fail, confrontation will follow. The problem is the diplomatic effort-- if one wants to use that term-- is designed to fail; by demanding the Iranians prove an 'unproveable negative'. ."


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the petrodollar conspiracy, one of my personal favorites. Apparently, Chavez of venezuela is going to chair OPEC too, and if opec do euros too............


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Hmmm.. see in today's paper the New York Stock Exchange (where ... amongst other things; Oil is bought and Sold in Dollar$) is trying to buy out the EuroNext exchange....... (The EuroNext exchange controls the exchanges in London (Liffe), Paris, Brussels & Lisbon)

Now why would they wanna do that? :Grin: