Is that you John Wayne? Is this me??


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London Town-ish
Well I'm here now !

How do i look ? 'kin tired is what I'm feeling ..

Most excellent diversion of the evening has been here should you care to look!

No it's not filth you twisted perverted thinking filthbags .. Drum and Bass don't you know..

Say hi , wander by - take your pick .. Drop us a message , I'm going to get unconcious now !

hello mate! certificate18 is a phat label, klute+teebee yum :Smile3:

have fun you dnb-psy thing you

hey man...howz it going, hope ur well :Smile3:
looking forward to your set at ozma :Grin:
Hello peeps , very nice to see an attendance already to my half asleep rant!

Ditto Opia, loving the tunes from them guys..

Mikey boy! yeah man, I'm looking forward to getting some sounds laid down for you too man .. Sorry about the minor temporary non-attendance issue what with me race meeting and all .. I'm glad it's all worked out now!

Cya there if not before bro! :Wink3:
Welcome to the forum dude :Smile3: May you find fun and friends :drinking:
Big fan of Photek and Source Direct...nice to meet wheres my 12" promos... :ph34r: :Grin:
Ching Ching, chaps and chapettes , look forward to blabbering a little more to you guys in the coming eon's!

Bloody active in 'ere though innit - only left it for a few days and threads are just ripping through here..! Now engage blabberwockey valve and visit the Coffeeshop - Yeeeeaaaa Haaaa!! ..

l8rs peeps ! :blink: