ISO 6 Recorded Sets

Possibly silly question: are any of these downloadable? I'm downsizing my phone usage (may as well be zero data) so any downloads would be much appreciated. I've used myself but will mixcloud do the same trick?

No - mixcloud not downloadable by default (I don't think there's even an option like there is on soundcloud?). Good shout tho - I've added a download link / tracklist to my post.
heres mine


sun eater-tech itch
progress trap-tech itch
hidden places-acid lab
it aint the weather-seba
creatures of the night-centaspike
lost souls-teebee
colour wheel-logistics
the claw-teebee
the void-teebee
the mutant wizard-centaspike
deceased dog-jakub 23
earth burner-tech itch
daughters of the night-tech itch
cross the line-vicious circle and nocturnal
angels of truth-nanotek
black solstice-SPL
creator and destroyer-donny and hidden society
pounded-AUDIO and the sect
>320kbps download<

  1. Julianna Barwick - Inspirit (Extended Version)
  2. Don Juancho Villa ft. Savanna – Guaco
  3. NILLO - Ebbú – Niebla
  4. Wākhan & Ismētra – Tsukinowa
  5. Prisma & Martin Boder - Secreto
  6. M'Michèle Ft Samuel Charrois - Polar Bear
  7. JAJA - Ceu
  8. Ibu Selva - Camel
  9. Aleceo - This Moment
  10. Santi & Tuğçe - Prima Vera
  11. Peter Power - Jungle Level
  12. SEXWITCH - Ha Howa Ha Howa
  13. Di Laif - Mil Dias
  14. Nicola Cruz - Danza de Visiòn
  15. Ditti - Nta
  16. Babani Soundsystem - Zistwar Per Fer (Sunken Cages Remix)
  17. Dengue Dengue Dengue – Atlantida
  18. Karmaâ - Jabal
  19. Dos Kanye - Kibutz Jungle
  20. Guedra Guedra - Black Wax
  21. Khalab - Cannavaro ft. Clap! Clap!
  22. Ghetto Kumbe - ChiláKilé
  23. Siete Catorce - Desesperación
  24. Kebrada - Funeral - Flota
  25. Khalab – Chitita
  26. Siete Catorce - Día
  27. Mr. Scruff - Fish
thanks very much i had real trouble cutting down on tracks for that so im glad people seem to like most of my absolute fav tracks, and philth i only discovered recently but i think i like a lot