ISO 7 - Feb 12-14th SET-TIMES

Torsion Jim

A zodiac of discrepancies
Forum Fun-raiser
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11 -2pm DSE (psychill n wobs)
2-4 Ratty (playlist and rollies)
4-6 Gor64 (breakbeat)
6-8 OneStone (goa)
8-10 Goz (old skool prog)
10+ Full Lotus (forest)


10-11am Biggles Sound (dub)
11-12 Full Lotus (slow bits & bobs)
12-2pm DSE (techno)
2-4 Inner Cinema (techno)
4-6 Mark Day (techno)
6-8 Bez (techno)
8-10 Basshead (dnb)
10-Midnight Torsion Jim (dnb/jungle)
Midnight+ Kodama (forest/dark psy)


10-Midday DSE (ambient)
12-2pm Magiclantern (psychill)
2-4 Technodolly (panpipecore)
4-6 Goz (liquid dnb)
6-8 kihrjil (electronica)
8-10 Mark Day (ambient)
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Every day looks phat if you ask me.

The line up wrote itself this time. Peeps said what they wished to do and i wrote it down.

When its a non-bank holiday weekend space is limited during the main hours. We will be transmitting on the PieStream using the BUTTcast so if you want to play after Mark Day on the Sunday, before DSE on Sunday , or literally any other time you can think of then go for it. The stream is open 24/7 everyday of the year. Just let us know what you want to do and ill add it to the line-up
Just let us know what you want to do and ill add it to the line-up

Its all good, duder!!
I thought it was clear I was joking, but cheers for the offer of squeezing in.
I'll leave it this time, and just enjoying popping in for a listen :Smile3:
Early sunday ambient sesh has your name on it. 8-10am ......