Isofest 10 , Fri 27th- Mon30th


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Here are the set times for ISO10 this coming bank holiday weekend

join us and listen in

Friday 27th.
11am-2pm. DSE dubs n wobs
2-4pm, Rattys random, probably
4-6pm Inner Cinema, techno AV set
6-8pm bad_dubs b2b Onestone ,freestyle
8-10pm, basshead dnb
10-12 .Full Lotus

Saturday 28th.
11am-12 Miss Piskey ,dub
12-2pm . Magpi, dub techno
2-3pm Bric a Brac
3-4pm Whitedog
4-6pm DSE techno
6-8pm, Barney Ruckus
8-10pm Bez23 ,techno
10-12 Caution tim , mutant techno

Sunday 29th
10am-12 .Technodollop
12-2pm. Biggins
2-4pm. COWLOGO
4-6.20pm . Goz and the bassneckers
6.20-8pm . rah things
8-10pm Prognosis ,psy
10-12 DJ Edstorm, psy

monday 30th
10am-12, Biggles sound
12-2pm. basshead dnb
2-4pm , COWLOGO, Retro funk
4-6pm , Robin Triskele, Exclusive LSD set
6-8pm. MrHammy .ambient
8-10pm, TJ acid/electro
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