It is I! :)




Hello all, this is my first time on this forum..
I'm looking for help in creating my music (well doh)

I use reason 2.5, and sometimes soundforge. I will be trying out some new software (CuBase and a few plugins) soon, once I get my new computer :Smile3:

I'm open to several styles, although I'm mostly into..well, what to call it? experimental chill-out. Although I always like to think I have a pretty unique style *rolls eyes*

I'm not a very experienced composer, although I am past the first few stages of learning. Right now I am trying to grasp what makes a track nice (don't know if it's possible to learn that though)..

Well, expect me around here more often! ^_^
Welcome aboard mate, you'll find plenty of the info you're after in the Media and Production section of the forum. Enjoy :Smile3: :peace: